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Having a relationship with a famous actor or singer is a pleasure. You need to have nerves of steel, high self-esteem and, in principle, not be able to be jealous. Every day the stars have to communicate at work with pretty colleagues of the opposite sex, relations with whom from romantic stories on the screen spontaneously turn into real life. The reputation of tireless ladies' men has been entrenched with some stars for a long time. But the girls turn a blind eye to the obvious under the spell of these charismatic Hollywood womanizers.

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Sean Penn

Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron - what unites these celebrities, besides work in show business? All these dissimilar stars met with Sean Penn. Seeing Sean, I realized that this is my man for life, - said Madonna about him. The relationship developed rapidly. A few months after they met in 1895, a wedding took place, which the couple's friends compared to the war in Vietnam, and the newlyweds themselves to the circus. Sean, annoyed by the journalists who were guarding around, began to run around with a gun and shoot in the air to disperse them. Madonna, as she later admitted in an interview, realized that with him her life would never be the same as before. Because of jealousy akter smashed furniture and walls in their house.

The marriage fell apart after a few years, everyone healed their wounds as best they could. So Sean Penn found comfort in the arms of Sylvester Stallone's ex-wife Bridget Nielsen, who later recalled the passionate night with him in her memoirs. The relationship with his second wife Robin Wright lasted 19 years, but the womanizer was periodically noticed in the company of young actresses and models. For example, during a party at Elton John's house, he appeared in a company with Czech model Petra Nemkova.

Agents of Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson deny the actors' relationship, but the pictures taken by the paparazzi speak for themselves. A whirlwind romance began in January 2011 while preparing for a charity trip to Haiti and lasted several months. Scarlett's place in 2013 was taken by Charlize Theron, who literally quoted Madonna's words in an interview, calling Sean the love of her life. Only a year later the planned wedding did not take place - the stars fled. According to rumors, the reason for the separation was the betrayal of Hollywood Don Juan.

Justin Bieber

Men of a completely different type are also popular with the weak half of humanity. Justin Bieber's personal life developed as rapidly and violently as his career. The young and unknown performer became famous thanks to YouTube - his video was viewed 2 billion times for the first time since the service was created. The singer became so popular that he was invited to perform at the White House on Christmas Day.

Justin Bieber's personal life has had both meteoric ups and downs. Since 2010, his difficult affair with Selena Gomez began - the stars either dispersed or reconciled. Two years later they fled. There is no official reason for the separation of celebrities in 2012, but the media believe that the relationship was destroyed by Selena's jealousy - she allegedly did not like her lover's flirtation with model Barbara Palvin at the Victoria's Secret show.

After that, the singer did not tie himself into a serious relationship for several years - he just kupalsI am in the female attention for my pleasure. The paparazzi caught him in the company of model Xenia Delhi, Nicole's sister Richie Sofia and other young beauties.

However, the star ladies' man eventually settled down. His chosen one was a longtime acquaintance - fashion model Hailey Baldwin. The fact that young people officially got married began to gossip in the media in September 2018. This information was confirmed by the girl's uncle in an interview with Access, and then the newlyweds themselves.

Justin Timberlake

Perhaps Hailey Baldwin can turn Justin Bieber into a decent family man, following the example of another beauties from Hollywood Jessica Biel. Before his relationship with her, Justin Timberlake was a famous ladies' man. He has an affair with Britney Spears, which culminated in the touching hit Cry Me a River, actress Jenna Dewan, childhood love Alyssa Milan, 4-year relationship with Cameron Diaz and romantic dates with unknown girls.

The singer began dating his future wife in 2008. A few years later, the couple broke up - the stars remained friends. But in 2011, the relationship moved to a new level - Justin Timberlake proposed to the girl. In April 2015, their son Silas was born. Now the paparazzi are watching not the new girls of the star, but his family. However, the singer is happy to share news from his personal life himself, posting pictures of his beloved wife and son on his Instagram page.

Orlando Bloom

One of Hollywood's acclaimed heartthrobs is Orlando Bloom. He was credited with novels with Kate Bosworth, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman and other stars. In 2007, his stormy relationship began with his future wife, Miranda Kerr. Three years later, the couple got married, and their son Flynn was born. The love stories in the life of the actor did not end there. After 3 years, the couple broke up. The tabloids called infidelity the reason for the divorce. But it was not the actor who was accused of treason, but his wife. For a long time alone, the womanizer did not feel sad - first Katy Perry, and then Nina Dobrev became his lovers.

George Clooney

Another settled favorite of women is George Clooney. He has two marriages and dozens of love stories with famous actresses, models and athletes. But the heart of the ladies' man was taken not by the star of show business, but by the charming lawyer Amal Alamuddin. The couple got married in Venice in 2014 and are raising twins Ella and Alexandra.

Bradley Cooper

Like George Clooney, Bradley Cooper has gotten around to being the magazine's Sexiest Man People. A photo of the actor graced the cover of the 2011 edition. But a star does not need awards and titles to win women's hearts. Incredible charmThat is, a sharp mind, charisma and attractive appearance made him the object of adoration of many Hollywood beauties. Journalists kept a close watch on his victories on the love front, adding all new names to the list. He charmed Renee Zellweger, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lopez and Zoe Saldana.

The actor found happiness in his relationship with model Irina Shayk. In 2017, a friend gave him a daughter, Leia. It is interesting that songs in Russian are often heard in the couple's house. The real name of Bradley Cooper's chosen one is Irina Shaikhlislamova, she was born in a tiny town 50 kilometers from Chelyabinsk.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has more than just Oscars and Golden Globes to his credit. The actor won many victories in his personal life. Unlike most Hollywood beauties, he is loyal. But not just one woman, but a certain type. The actor's girlfriends are both fashion models with light brown hair. However, several sultry brunettes were also included in this list. So the media attributed to the actor an affair with Rihanna. However, the stars themselves denied this information.

In an interview, Leonardo said that he sees as his wife a modest woman with an agreeable character and a good sense of humor. Perhaps it was just such a companion that the enviable bachelor recently met. In March 2018, evidence of his new romance appeared on the network - a photo with the charming model Camilla Morrone. Her mother has been in a relationship with Al Pacino for more than 10 years, who treats DiCaprio's new passion as his own daughter. In August 2018, the media began to discuss the engagement of the 43-year-old actor and his 21-year-old girlfriend. Citing anonymous sources surrounded by the couple, the journalists hinted that a new serious stage will begin in relation to the lovers soon.

Jude Law

The charming Jude Law's personal life haunts journalists. He was credited with novels with Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson and other Hollywood beauties. Which of the actor's novels were in reality, and which are the figments of the imagination of others? It is difficult to answer this question. It is known for certain that the first serious love of Jude Law was the actress Sadie Frost, who was married at the beginning of their relationship. But feelings for a new lover were so strong that Sadie decided to divorce. The couple had two children. The actor got a tattoo with his wife's name. Only during the third pregnancy, the relationship soured due to the fact that Sadie constantly suspected her husband of infidelity. Whether her feelings were justified or not, history is silent.

After breaking up with his wife, Jude Law did not remain eligible bachelors for long. On the set of Alfie's film, he chose the young actress Siena Miller as his partner. The lightning-fast romance of the actors was not discussed in Hollywood, only the lazy. However, Jude Law's amorousness played a cruel joke on him - the artist was caught cheating on his nanny Daisy Wright. The couple broke up. A few years later, the ex-lovers tried to re-start the relationship, but to no avail.

In recent years, the famous ladies' man has been protecting his privacy from journalists. It is known that next to him beloved Philip Cohen. The news about her pregnancy, which appeared in 2018, was denied by the representatives of the star and added - although he is happy in a relationship, he does not plan to marry in the near future.

Jack Nicholson

Actor Jack Nicholson will be remembered by fans not only for his role in the filmshell is the cuckoo's nest and words of tenderness. He is credited with having affairs with many Hollywood beauties. If someone says: Jack, you are a womanizer, I do not deny it. However, the life of a gigolo always ends very badly. It's just that I no longer have the strength, I can no longer combine work and being naughty, says Jack Nicholson in an interview.

Michael Douglas

When they marry famous heartthrobs, women sometimes use unusual methods to maintain relationships ... So Catherine Zeta Jones persuaded Michael Douglas to conclude a prenuptial agreement, which has a special fad - in case of proven infidelity, the actor must pay her $ 1.5 million for each year he has been married. It looks like it worked - in November 2018, the couple celebrated 20 years of marriage.

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