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Allergic rashes on the face: causes and methods of treatment

Unfortunately, allergy diagnoses are not uncommon these days. It occurs in the elderly and young, and even in infants. An allergic reaction is a swelling, runny nose, itching and rash that can appear all over the body. It is especially unpleasant when the allergy manifests itself on the face.

You will learn about the causes of facial allergies, as well as ways of treating it using traditional medicine and folk remedies, from this article.

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Causes of allergic skin rash on the face

As you know, the cause of allergies is the reaction of the immune system to irritants (allergens).

Allergic rashes on the face: causes and methods of treatment

The body is unable to cope with their attack and signals a problem. These signals are various reactions: runny nose, itching, rash. There are many allergens.

And every year there are more and more of them.

This is due to the deteriorating environmental situation, with the increase in the presence of chemicals in our daily life.

Facial allergies are most often caused by:

  • chemical components found in food. Primarily preservatives and colorants;
  • chemicals that enter the body through air and water;
  • household chemicals, cosmetics, medicines;
  • animal hair;
  • plant pollen, poplar fluff, and so on.

Types of facial allergies

The manifestations of a reaction to an allergen can be very diverse. Usually, these are rashes, redness of the skin, swelling of the face, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose. Peeling, cracks, wounds, acne, itching, runny nose and sneezing are also typical signs of the disease.

Facial allergies can manifest with the following symptoms:

Allergic rashes on the face: causes and methods of treatment
  • eruptions on the cheeks and forehead. The appearance of the skin changes. She blushes, swells slightly. A rash on the face can be of different types:
  • papules. Small swellings above the surface of the skin are usually painless and go away without leaving marks;
  • pustules or abscesses. The swelling cavity is filled with pus, usually superficial pustules disappear without a trace, deep ones can leave scars;
  • blisters. Swelling of irregular shape, their appearance is accompanied by severe itching and burning. They pass without a trace in 1-4 days. Usually this is a reaction to mosquito bites, bees, nettle burns;
  • vesicles. Bubbles filled with clear or cloudy liquid. After resolution (breakthrough), a mark on the skin remains at the site of the vesicle;
  • scales. Formed after opening of vesicles and pustules;
  • red spots on the face. They differ from the above symptoms in that they are at the same level with the skin and cannot be felt. Their appearance is due to the expansion of small vessels that spoil the skin of the face, its appearance.
  • Quincke's edema. The most severe and dangerous reaction of the body. It manifests itself immediately as swelling of the eyelids, lips, nasopharynx. The edema is dense, painless on palpation. The danger is that swelling of the throat and death of the patient can occur. If you suspect Quincke's edema, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Allergic rashes on the face: how to treat?

You must always remember that allergies are not only unpleasant sensations and an ugly appearance, but also a dangerous disease that must be properly treated.

The principles of treatment for this disease are as follows:

  1. going to a doctor, identifying the substance that caused the reaction, eliminating contact with it;
  2. taking medications that relieve symptoms of the disease;
  3. taking medicines that correct the immune system;
  4. organization of living conditions that exclude the presence of an allergen. Including dieting;
  5. the use of drugs: ointments, creams and so on, helping to eliminate rashes and redness of the facial skin.

Treatment of allergic rashes on the face is a long-term process that requires accuracy and strict adherence to the doctor's recommendations. There are several treatments for allergies. The most effective of these is hyposensitization. Its essence is that with the help of certain therapeutic measures weaken the body's response to the allergen.

Facial allergy symptoms are successfully treated with herbs and traditional medicine. It should be noted that here traditional medicine is fully supported by official medicine. Doctors prescribe medicinal herbs to alleviate the patient's condition. They are used to relieve itching, flaking, redness.

Traditional medicine against facial allergies

Allergic rashes on the face: causes and methods of treatment

We emphasize that the treatment of allergies necessarily requires examination by specialists. And your first step in the fight against allergic rashes on the face is to go to the clinic and make an appointment with an allergist.

Folk remedies can help relieve itching and redness of the skin, make rashes less noticeable, and thereby, alleviate your general condition.

Another important tip: when deciding what folk remedies to treat allergic rashes on the face, give preference to those that are known to be safe.

Infusions of chamomile, sage, mint will not harm the skin.

Use the rest of the products only after consulting a doctor.

  1. Herbal compresses. In pdry or fresh herbs are taken in abundance: chamomile, string, sage. The herbs are brewed with hot water and allowed to brew for about an hour. A cloth mask or simply gauze moistened with infusion is applied to the face in order to relieve irritation and relieve itching.
  2. Mint mask. Two tablespoons of dried mint leaves are steamed with a little hot, but not boiling water. It turns out a gruel, it must be applied to a fabric mask and applied to the face. After a while, wash off with cool, but not cold water. Mint removes irritation well, makes rashes less noticeable.
  3. Baths with medicinal herbs. Such baths will help you not only fight allergic rashes on the face, but also serve as an excellent preventive measure against skin diseases. A collection of herbs is prepared for baths: chamomile, oregano, nettle, mint, sage, string. The herbs can be taken in any proportion or used individually. Medicinal raw materials are poured with 1 glass of boiling water, insisted for 2 hours, then added to the bath. This bath should be taken 15-20 minutes before bedtime.

If you have an allergic rash on your face, immediately start treating it. And remember that the treatment of allergic rashes on the face should be comprehensive.

Without medicines prescribed by a doctor and adherence to a diet, it is not worth treating with folk remedies. This will only have a temporary effect. Bye! Be healthy!

How To Manage A Face Rash

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