Banana Hair Mask For Extremely Shiny & Soft Hair

Banana softening mask

Banana is not only a product that we eat, but, as practice shows, a wonderful helper in caring for our skin. Banana pulp is rich in vitamins such as E and C, and as you know, it is this group of vitamins that is responsible for the suspension of aging processes in our body. B vitamins, which are also found in the pulp of this fruit, are natural antioxidants and have toxin-removing properties in large quantities.

Banana softening mask

Taking banana pulp as a basis for making a homemade mask, you will not go wrong in any case. This component is suitable for all skin types and has no age restrictions for its use. The only exception can be your individual intolerance to this ingredient.

Before talking about some of the most popular masks based on banana pulp, I would like to say a few words about the rules of preparation and application.

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The occurrence of a possible allergic reaction has already been mentioned, but we will repeat it again. It's easy to check: after your mask is ready, apply it on a small area of ​​the skin where it will be least noticeable in case of rash or redness, usually the lower part of the hand.

Banana softening mask

Since banana is a natural product, masks containing it are recommended to be made in portions.

That is, in small portions, which will be enough for you at one time.

The pulp of a banana, like any fruit, is very susceptible to the effects of air, and as soon as it reacts with it, it very quickly loses its beneficial properties. Therefore, we recommend applying these masks as soon as they are ready.

Mask Recipes

Banana-based masks are universal, and their effect depends on which components you decide to combine this pulp with. The first recipe is aimed at softening the skin and is recommended for use in the cold season. A banana and kefir softening mask is a very good remedy for normal skin.

Banana softening mask

The procedure is very good in winter, when the skin gets a lot of stress from changes in indoor and outdoor temperatures.

To prepare the product, take a banana, knead it with a spoon and add 1 tablespoon of kefir. Mix the mass well and apply it to the skin of the face.

Keep the mask for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it off. It is enough to do it once a week.

As you can see, nothing complicated is cookedand no, so let's move on.

Anti-wrinkle mask

This is another kind of softening of your skin, but with a more intense effect. This mixture is recommended for use on the skin where visible wrinkles have already appeared. You cannot get rid of this problem with the help of a mask alone, but this mask is quite capable of making wrinkles less noticeable to the eyes of others.

To prepare it you will need:

  • the pulp of one banana;
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • 3-4 st. l. heavy cream;
  • olive oil.

We mix all the components and apply to a steamed and cleansed face. It is enough to hold it for 25-30 minutes, and you can wash it off with water. A softening mask prepared in this way, not only with systematic use, will help to noticeably smooth existing wrinkles, but also prevent the early appearance of new ones, both age-related and mimic.


Many have had such a situation at least once in their lives that an event is planned in the evening where you need to look fresh and good, and there is absolutely not enough time to run around the salons.

Or, having turned around in the kitchen until the evening before the arrival of guests, you want to look as if you have just returned from vacation, rested and refreshed. There is one recipe. I must say right away that this mask is rather a radical measure for those who want to give their face elasticity and firmness in a short time. Not recommended for young skin.

And its frequent use is also not recommended, let this recipe be like a kind of magic wand in the most extreme case. Our skin has such a property as quickly addictive, and the moment will come when even radical measures will no longer bring the desired effect. Now about the mask itself.


  • one banana pulp, not overripe, that is, without obvious signs of blackness on the pulp;
  • two vitamin E capsules, available at any pharmacy;
  • ground oatmeal 2 tbsp l .;
  • olive oil 1 tbsp l .;
  • and egg yolk.

Mix all the ingredients, you should get a mixture that resembles a thick gruel in consistency. If there is not enough thickness, add more oatmeal. The mask is ready.

Apply the mask on previously steamed face skin for 20 minutes.

Then wash with cool water and lubricate your skin with moisturizer. In a short time, such a mask will saturate the skin with nutrients and visibly tighten it.

We remind you once again that this mask is not recommended to be used often, only as a last resort. As already mentioned, banana pulp is a good base for any mask. What effect you want to achieve as a result also depends on what additional components will be included there.

Here are some possible examples:

  • It is possible to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and reduce the oily shine on the face by adding lemon juice to the pulp. This way you can whiten your skin and get rid of age spots;
  • Non-fat cream and honey can not only visibly improve the complexion, but also smooth out small recently appeared wrinkles;
  • Add the grated apple to the banana pulp and place the mixture under your eyes. After 15 minutes. wash off, and you will see how the dark circles under the eyes have diminished and the puffiness has gone away;
  • Acne is a problem for many people, regardless of their age. Add egg white to the banana mask and thus, over time, you will see your skin become more matte. And the number of blackheads on the face has significantly decreased;
  • If you decide to add parsley leaves to the mask, it is recommended to use fresh, not frozen product. Your skin will be significantly refreshed and visibly plumped.

As you can see, there are many options, the main thing is your desire. Experiment and be beautiful!

DIY Banana Mask For Dry Hair

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