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Bangs: we comprehend a new subculture

Bangs are a modern youth subculture that is based on music of such a genre as hardcore. Many parents, hearing the phrase I am banged from their child, think that the teenager made a slip. For many, this concept simply does not exist. In fact, everything is simple. The bangs (from the word bangs) are those who, when their parents were young, were called emo.

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Who are they?

To find out who the banged girls and guys are, you need to familiarize yourself in more detail with this subculture. Unfortunately, there is not much information on this topic. But if you want to get closer to your children, you need to delve deeply into the essence of the issue.

Teens who consider themselves banged differ from other peers in the following ways:

  • clothing style;
  • hairstyle;
  • passion for hardcore;
  • special love for animals;
  • by most skateboards.

How are they made?

Bangs: we comprehend a new subculture

How to become banged?

This question worries many teenage girls who want to join the ranks of the banged youth.

First, you'll have to grow a pretty long bang. This haircut is a required attribute of all bangs . And this applies not only to girls, but also to boys.

Secondly, all bangs lead a specific way of life, due to non-standard hobbies and outlook.

How do bangs dress?

Bangs: we comprehend a new subculture

No matter how strange it may seem, both boys and girls of this subculture dress almost the same.

They wear regular sneakers, trousers, tapered to the bottom and always a plaid shirt of all kinds of colors. Many people like to wear T-shirts with large prints on the back. T-shirts featuring your favorite rock bands and superheroes are also welcome.

Of the accessories, the balkari wear braided bracelets, various pendants with sacral symbols of runes, pentagrams and ritual attributes.

In addition, any self-respecting bangs should get a tattoo.on the body or piercing. True, not all parents agree with this. Therefore, those who managed to persuade their ancestors to such a procedure, especially consider cool .

Sports hobby

There are a lot of youth subcultures, so the cheklasty make every effort to look different from them. Skate is one of the main attributes of this movement. A huge number of bangs ride the board in their free time from school. Actually, thanks to this hobby, they gather in large companies, where they can chat and listen to their favorite hard rock.

Love for animals

Chelkari are very fond of representatives of the fauna.

Of course, their love is not as overwhelming as that of Greenpeace supporters, so they set themselves the goal of preserving populations of endangered animal species.

However, at the everyday level, every banged man should have a dog, a cat, or, at worst, a hamster or a rat.

Most of all teenagers love home cute , that is, cats , cats , kote - they call their favorite pussies that way when they communicate with each other. In principle, there is nothing criminal in the bangs movement, so parents should not be horrified to learn that their child has entered the adolescent subculture.

Many teenagers tend to become emo or bangs just to be noticed.

In general, they tend to be quite friendly and non-aggressive.

What are they listening to?

Chelkari, like many other teenagers, are music lovers. Of the huge number of musical directions, they like hardcore, metal and hard rock. True, the music of a rather aggressive orientation does not really fit in with love for animals, but this is how it happened historically.

The bangs also love sweets.

There is no better treat for them than Coca-Cola, bars and chocolates. Well, children, what to take from them.

How is the haircut done?

For a start, it would not hurt to understand the history of the appearance of banged hairstyles. By and large, the Chelkari adopted this feature from adherents of another youth subculture, who call themselves emo .

Teen bangs are required to have a branded hairstyle, otherwise they will simply not be taken seriously.

And how to properly make a hairstyle like bangs?

In fact, making a banged fashionable haircut is as easy as shelling pears. To do this, you do not need to grow long curls or cut your hair baldly. If you originally had a rather short haircut, you will have to cut the back of your head almost to zero (3-6 mm), but the hair in front will remaintwist elongated. In this case, the bangs can be profiled or made torn, then as your heart desires.

You can also make an unusual square on medium-length hair. It can be both asymmetrical and straight. But the hairstyle will differ from the classic version with an elongated bang, as in the first version.

Why do children unite in subcultures?

This phenomenon is understandable from the point of view of psychology. At the stage of formation, adolescents try to find a society for themselves with similar interests and aspirations, because parents are not always ready to understand their child. But it is in adolescence that children simply need understanding, which they rarely receive in the family.

Another reason for moving into a subculture is the desire to be different from others.

This is why children are looking for communities with rather specific interests. Since the philosophy of any youth subculture is very poorly developed, they try to focus on external attributes.

Some are content with a simple image change, but others go further and get body piercings or tattoos.

One of the most important reasons adolescents are joining youth movements is fashion.

Children notice that it is very fashionable to dress outside the box, wear informal hairstyles and specific accessories.

Surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of the youth movement does not know the ideological background of the subculture to which they identify themselves.

It is clear that parents who in their youth did not encounter anything like this begin to react negatively to statements I am emo or I - banged . After that, a huge number of prohibitions are poured on the teenager, which he is trying to resist.

But before you forbid your child to communicate with adolescents belonging to a particular subculture, it is worth treating him with understanding. After all, it is the banal lack of attention that pushes children to take such steps.

The youth movement is not a scourge for the younger generations.

This is how young and immature people try to prioritize correctly. And later, learn how to communicate with society in order to choose the right life path for yourself in the future.

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