Bio Gel Removal and Natural Nail Overlay with Bio Sculpture

Bio gel for nails: what is it, how to use, how to apply

Fashion does not stand still and presents constant surprises that facilitate self-care, making women more beautiful. Constantly changing and improving, the cosmetic industry has recently turned its attention to ever better and more natural materials that are highly valued by women.

Bio gel for nails: what is it, how to use, how to apply

Couldn't but affect such changes and nail extension. Everyone knows that the extension itself is made of artificial materials that negatively affect the condition of the nails.

Therefore, breaks should be taken between extension procedures, the marigolds should rest and recover.

But what to do if during this period of time you want to look your best? In this situation, nail biogel coating will come to the rescue.

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What is biogel?

Initially, biogel was developed for strengthening nails , but in the process of using the boundaries of its functionality have expanded. Biogel is a flexible and plastic material with a unique natural composition, based on the resin of the South African teak tree, vitamins and protein.

Thanks to this composition, it perfectly nourishes and protects the nail plate from damage. Another positive point is the elimination of aggressive sawing of the nail surface before application, which allows you to maintain the integrity of the nail plate during extension.

The effect after nail extension with biogel is almost instantaneous, the nails grow faster, become more durable and even. Biogel perfectly protects nails from brittleness, delamination and gives them a neat and well-groomed shape.

Its composition is as close as possible to the composition of the nail plate, which is why it is harmless and can be used by allergy sufferers and pregnant women.

Biogel benefits:

Bio gel for nails: what is it, how to use, how to apply

  1. Does not damage the nail plate, nourishes, serves to strengthen it, protects from damage and restores. The procedure for extending nails with biogel does not require cutting;
  2. Nails look natural, will not chip or peel off;
  3. The procedure itself is simple and available for home use. This requires a special kit and an ultraviolet lamp;
  4. Removal of biogel at home is quickpo, just soak it with a special liquid enriched with essential oils, which provides additional care for nails and skin around;
  5. Due to its unique natural composition, there are no contraindications, it can be used even by pregnant and lactating mothers.


  1. Afraid of corrosive liquids, solvents, long contact with water, so it is advisable to conduct the household with gloves;
  2. Biogel for nails is a soft material, so count only on the length of your own nails.

Strengthening nails with biogel at home: step by step instructions

To use biogel at home, purchase a special kit and an ultraviolet lamp.

The special set includes:

Bio gel for nails: what is it, how to use, how to apply

  1. Biogel;
  2. Finish gel;
  3. Fine abrasive file;
  4. Primer;
  5. Sticky layer remover;
  6. Special brush;
  7. Decorations, optional.

Step by step instructions

  1. Make a manicure, treat the nails and cuticles with an antiseptic;
  2. With light movements, without pressure, polish the surface of the nail plate with a finely abrasive file;
  3. Apply the first coat of degreasing primer, you can repeat the application procedure. Dry in an ultraviolet lamp according to the instructions;
  4. Apply nail biogel and cure in a lamp;
  5. Second and third coats can be applied without removing the sticky layer;
  6. Apply the finish gel, cure again in the lamp and remove the sticky layer with a degreaser;
  7. Treat the cuticle with nourishing oil.

As you can see in the step-by-step instructions, strengthening marigolds with biogel is a simple procedure and is available to everyone.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes, and you will be decorating such marigolds for at least two weeks. The use of colored biogel will not only protect the nail plate, but also decorate them.

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