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Bohemian chic: what should be a boho wedding?

In the early 19th century, bohemian chic was extremely popular. It is based on hippie and bohemian trends. Actress Sienne Miller and model Kate Moss brought it to the masses. In the United States, Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate can be considered the founders. Although today this style is not so in demand, it has a lot of fans. Have you decided to join this direction? Then it will be useful for you to know the main subtleties and nuances.

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Bohemian chic: the highlights

To create a suitable image, you need to understand what trends are at the heart of the direction:

Bohemian chic: what should be a boho wedding?
  • Clothes. Bohemian chic means naturalness and originality. Brown tones with splashes of orange, green, purple shades are perfect. The look will be complemented by long skirts, baggy clothes and light shirts;
  • Shoes. The model can be selected depending on your preferences, but it is better to opt for sandals. Boots with knitted leggings look gorgeous;
  • Hair. They should look natural. If you straighten them with an iron, leave wavy ends. Ideal if your hair is curly. An obligatory component of a bohemian image is various weaves and braids;
  • Accessories. This is one of the most important details. They should be in abundance: bracelets on the hands, necklaces and pendants on the neck, dangling earrings. You can choose clips and hairpins for hair, headbands on the waist;
  • Makeup. You should look natural, but not pale. Apply foundation all over your face and depict freshness with concealer. For a matte finish, apply the powder with a brush, not the applicator. Be sure to apply blush along the cheekbones;
  • Eyes. Shadows need to be selected in natural shades. Eyeliner looks good, but you should only use it if you know how to make a neat thin line. To keep the look from being too harsh, use softer colors: brown or gray;
  • Lips. Avoid bright and catchy lipstick shades. Use a gloss that will give your lips shine and make them soft and seductive.

Bohemian wedding

Bohemian chic: what should be a boho wedding?

If you want your celebration to look like a fairy tale,style it like boho .

The main idea is to unite different cultures and eras in one image: ethnic motives, African and Mongolian notes, Aztec ornaments, Baroque elements.

The boho style is always flawless.

All the nuances should be thought out to the smallest detail, and have nothing to do with severity and officialdom.

A bohemian wedding is creativity, lightness, freedom and celebration.

Natural materials and colors

Bohemian chic: what should be a boho wedding?

A distinctive feature of this style is natural materials: linen, silk, chiffon.

A good example of a traditional wedding dress boho are outfits from Minna, and Leila Hafzi. As a rule, the length of the wedding ensemble should be maxi. High-waisted models are welcome.

For the wedding to be in line with bohemian chic , the outfit should be multi-layered and voluminous, take care of lace, light fabrics, tassels and fringes.

You should not choose bright and colorful ornaments, it is better to give preference to calm pastel colors. High and thin heels are inappropriate. Choose shoes with flat or wedges.

The bride must remember about accessories:

  • beads;
  • necklaces;
  • pendants;
  • bracelets;
  • strappy;
  • buckles.

Bohemian Bride

She personifies creativity and inner harmony. The guests should get the impression that the bride has just left the pages of a romantic story filled with kindness and peace.

Bohemian chic: what should be a boho wedding?

The atmosphere of a wedding should combine outdoor recreation and a bohemian party.

Style boho is ease and relaxation. The decoration of the celebration involves a discreet vintage plaque .

The bouquet should be slightly sloppy and asymmetrical, wildflowers are perfect.

To add a bold flower to your hair, you can weave it into your hair.

How should the groom dress?

We need to create an informal image. The color scheme should be calm and discreet. It is not necessary to wear a jacket, it is better to give preference to a loose shirt and trousers made of linen, cotton or tweed.

Hats, suspenders, original belts look good. The boutonniere can be made of feathers or other materials at hand. Use moccasins as wedding shoes.

How to arrange the place of the ceremony?

Ribbons, hanging bouquets, feather garlands, carpets and tapestries can be used to decorate the place of the ceremony. Then the style will actually be called bohemian chic .

Bohemian chic: what should be a boho wedding?

The ideal time for the ceremony is summer. Arch and paths, festive tables - everything should be decorated naturally. But at the same time with taste. Then it will be noticeable that the decor was created by professionals, but from the heart.

Exotic plants in pots can be placed on tables. Florists like boho like to paint individual flowers in compositions with silver or gold paint.

Boho makes it possible to combine different styles in clothing, decor and design. It is important to remember the main rule - everything should be natural and natural.

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