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Children's room for children of different sexes: design difficulties

Children in a family are definitely happiness. But what to do if they are of different sexes, and there is only one nursery. Some people may wonder what the problem is. No, of course, there won't be much problems in infancy. But during adolescence, it is very important that each child has his own personal space.

Children's room for children of different sexes: design difficulties

And even when forming a personality, having your own work or play area teaches you to be independent and respect someone else's property.

So, today we will talk about how to equip a nursery for children of different genders. What should you pay attention to first of all? We'll start with the renovation!

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Renovation of a children's room for children of different sexes

In order for children to feel comfortable, you can divide the space using color or a banal partition. But all these options need to be thought out before the repair. By the way, you can use a regular wardrobe as a partition.

When arranging space, remember that the number of items must be equal. This way, you can avoid multiple conflicts regarding the division of property between children.

Also, do not overload the space with furniture. This limitation is especially true for children with a small area. After all, if children do not have enough space for their games, they will surely start fighting for territory.

Now for the design of the nursery for children of different sexes. Firstly, do not use bunk beds under any circumstances. Today psychologists have already proven that most of the children who ended up on the lower tier did not feel very comfortable. They were constantly haunted by feelings of anxiety.

Second, pay close attention to the color scheme. As you and I already know, any color carries a certain emotional load. So, a large number of red elements in the interior can cause an increase in the level of anxiety, but green, on the contrary, will calm down.

Attention! If you decide to divide the room into parts using color, then when choosing shades for each half, be sure to take into account the wishes of both children.

Perhaps, in this case, it is even better to paint the walls in compromise colors,which include green, yellow or orange. And the combination of these colors will also look original. Now let's talk more about design.

Design of a room for children of different genders

First of all, consider a situation where the age difference between children is quite significant. If your eldest is already attending school, and the youngest is already in kindergarten, then you should definitely divide the space into a play and study area. This way your kids will absolutely not interfere with each other.

At the same time, do not forget that after a while your youngest will also go to school, so you should consider in advance the possibility of transforming the playing area into another work area. Remember to position the desktop, which is a required attribute of the training area, so that daylight falls from the left side.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that it is necessary to allocate a private area for each baby. Small curtains, wardrobes, and even sliding screens can be used to mark the boundaries. The main thing is for each of your children to feel that they have their own place in this room, where they can do their favorite things.

When creating a specific interior, many parents are faced with the problem of limited space. It is very difficult to place all the necessary items in a small nursery for children of different sexes.

Children's room for children of different sexes: design difficulties

The solution to such a problem can be modular furniture, in which there should be quite a few drawers. So, you can put two beds in the corners of the room, and between them one large wardrobe. Discuss in advance with the children which boxes will belong to each of them. Can even divide the closet by painting each half in the appropriate color.

Special vinyl stickers can also be used to mark the boxes, the images on which will indicate the owner of the box. And yet, from the very young age, children should be taught that climbing on the things of their brother or sister is very bad. This way you can avoid a huge amount of conflicts in the future.

So, let's once again clearly stipulate the principles of organizing the area in the nursery:

  • Each of your children must have their own space. By the way, this also applies when children of the same sex;
  • When choosing colors for walls and furniture, the preferences of both children should be considered. The ideal option would be to choose two compromise colors that will appeal to all residents of this small room;
  • Furniture must be functional. Do not clutter up the area with several wardrobes or two huge beds. This will only contribute to the collection of dust. And this, by the way, is not particularly ngood for health.

I would like to add one more thing: if you have the opportunity, you can organize it in the children's and common area. There, your kids can spend time together. And if they have mutual friends, then they will not have to choose on whose territory they will sit and, for example, drink tea.

A common bookcase can be placed in the common area. After all, buying two identical books is unwise. Place a small table and two or three comfortable soft chairs there. When it comes to lighting, a floor lamp that stands between the chairs is an excellent option.

Room for children of different sexes: design tricks

If you have enough finances, then you can solve the problem with a small area due to the bed hidden in the closet. Of course, such a decision will cost you a pretty penny, but it's worth it. You will definitely save a lot of space.

An undoubted plus in this case is the fact that children will not stumble over their belongings. And the daily ritual of sliding into the closet will teach them order and discipline.

Attention! When buying such a bed, pay special attention to the ease of operation of the mechanism. If in the store it seemed to you that something was sticking when lowering the frame, then it is better not to take such a model.

Special beds with so-called podiums will also save some space. At the same time, you can place several drawers for clothes under the bed, and if you make the podium higher, then even a desktop with a small locker will fit there.

In any case, you can place whatever you want under such a construction. When buying beds of this format, you should pay attention to the strength of the stairs leading to the sleeping area. You don't want your little ones to fall off or fall through.

Children's room for three children of different sexes

If you have three children, but only one small room, then the organization of the space becomes much more difficult. In this case, the best option would be the design of the half for girls and boys.

At the same time, remember that everyone should have their own small territory. Otherwise, it will feel uncomfortable.

As for the design of a room for three, the room can be designed as a ship deck, or a fairy house. To save space, you can also use the pull-out beds, which we have already talked about.

When choosing a color, rely on one color compromise. Then the likelihood that when entering the room will ripple in the eyes, is reduced to zero.

As you can see, a nursery for different sexestei is not a problem, but a sea of ​​opportunities for design talent. You can make absolutely stunning renovations, buy original furniture, decorate walls with a variety of photographs and paintings. In general, turn on your imagination and start design!

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