Why Only Some People Have Chin Dimples or Cleft Chin

Chin dimple

Some people think that studying appearance, including facial features, is a science that has just appeared. This point of view is erroneous, and it appeared only because everyone did not take the study of appearance seriously.

Even scientists have ignored the structural features of human faces and how these features are related to human character. Only some time ago this science was called physiognomy.

Chin dimple

However, even without knowing such scientific terms, our ancestors already had an idea of ​​what the shape of the face can say about a person and his character.

Such interesting features of people as a dimple on the chin or on the cheeks have always distinguished a person from the crowd. This interesting feature of appearance has always imparted a certain charm and charm to its owner.

About people who have dimples on their cheeks, they say: the Lord kissed. What does the presence of a dimple on the chin mean?

Let's look deep into history.

Back to basics

Legends have survived to this day that the wise men of ancient China could predict and predict fate by faces. So, one of them says that the future emperor, being an orphan without a livelihood, received a prediction of his greatness by his features.

The ancient Chinese divided the face into the sky - the forehead, and the earth - the chin. Moreover, the earth personified the feminine principle, and the sky - masculine, therefore the chin was very important for women, for predicting her fate, and the forehead, respectively, for men and his future.

It was considered a bad sign if the bottom of the face was short and narrow, it was also believed that this would adversely affect the fate of this person. The opposite opinion was caused by a wide chin, both for girls and men.

This chin promised a prosperous future right up to a happy old age, the knowledge of the happy owner of luck, not hardship, the opportunity in the future to use all his acquisitions, which came as a result of painstaking and hard work.

A wide chin was interpreted as a harbinger of health, prosperity and even human glory. A positive sign for future life was for the owner of a protruding chin, for example, if he was upturned, he was called nothing other than the sky looks at the earth, or simply full, protruding, even fleshy chins.

People with such chins were called a person with a strong will, they prophesied the ability to overcome adversity, declared his irrepressible craving for love for all the blessings of the earth and increased sexual ability.

The desired face shape was considered a real gift and a gift from God. For the Chinese, the owners of the desired shape were immediately equated with successful people, not now so in the future. They did not have to worry about old age, which, according to the forecasters, will be not poor anyway.

Did these predictions come trueinto life, or have remained predictions - is not known for certain. But the fact that predictors have been popular among the population for centuries is confirmed by traditions that have survived to our times.

It is difficult for us to understand some things, but in China a very favorable sign, if not the most important, for its owner was considered a double chin, which can form both from excess weight and due to the characteristics of the body of a particular person.

For a fifty-year-old Chinese, the presence of such an attribute on his face guaranteed further well-being, a comfortable and calm approach to old age, but for the young it became a sign of success in the profession, in financial affairs.

Their desires for sensual pleasures coincided with their possibilities of realization up to deeply advanced years. It was also believed that most of their desires for life coincided with their capabilities.

What does a dimple mean for a man?

Some people have depressions on their cheeks or chin, the so-called dimples. They accompany people all their lives, sometimes, however, smoothing out towards the old age of a person.

Popular rumor interprets the dimple on the chin as benevolence to other people, physiognomy confirms this. This interpretation is also valid for women, but it is more suitable for men, as is the actual shape of the chin. The Chinese of the past are in solidarity with today's science.

As now thousands of years ago, such facial features characterized a person as having a strong will. If a young man has this characteristic, it means that he is decisive, with a firm character, as they say, a real man-fighter.

At the same time, men who have such a feature are temperamental, appreciate the fair sex and also attract attention to themselves. It also happens that a dimple can say about duplicity of character, resourcefulness of mind in achieving goals, cunning and stubbornness.

What does a dimple mean for a woman?

The presence of a dimple on a woman's chin speaks of benevolence and even sometimes unpredictability in the owner's actions. The character of such women is strong-willed and strong, like that of men. Hardly anyone will get bored with such a woman, she is also mysterious and distinguished by her sexuality.

They are sometimes aggressive and hot-tempered, but they quickly move away, and in life they are almost always happy. Such girls necessarily achieve their goals, their character is multifaceted and deep, and they are also very cunning.

Therefore, if a girl with a dimple on her chin caught your eye, keep in mind that you have a passionate nature. And you will never be bored with her!

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