Classic Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are every woman's dream. After all, it is these pebbles that can almost instantly transform the face, surrounding it with a special radiance. It is for these wonderful qualities that diamonds are loved not only by girls, as Marilyn Monroe said, but also by jewelers. The latter adore stones for the fact that they can be used to make jewelry and accessories of incredible beauty.

Classic Diamond Stud Earrings

Be that as it may, not all of us will find it appropriate to wear diamond rings and earrings every day, preferring to leave them for social events.

But this does not mean that in everyday life you need to make do with budget jewelry or simple jewelry. Carnations or diamond studs are a great solution.

These laconic, noble, versatile and elegant jewelry have not gone out of fashion for many centuries. They are preferred by women of all ages and any social status. But what can I say: studs with diamonds were spotted in the ears of Hollywood stars who were lucky enough to stand on the red carpet!

how to choose diamond stud earrings

In order to decorate a woman's (and maybe a man's) ear, earrings with stones of different cut are often used. The most popular are rounded diamonds, followed by heart and princess , followed by teardrop and emerald shapes.

Depending on how wide the flight of design and jewelry imagination is, the shape of the earrings can change, not to mention the fact that the only stone can be replaced with geometric, abstract or floral motifs made of gold, silver, platinum and, of course , diamonds. Believe me, among such crumbs-earrings you will definitely find a set that is ideal for you!

There are no clear rules or tips on how to choose studs with real diamonds in red or white gold.

Instead of them, you can use the experience of existing buyers, namely:

  • Initially, you should decide how much you can spend on such a decoration. The metal of the earrings, clarity, color and size of the stone will be repelled from this indicator;
  • Buy studs exclusively in reputable stores, where diamonds over one carat are issued with genuine certificates;
  • Carnations are supposed to sit perfectly, and stones are supposed to look straight ahead, not to the side or down. Do not chase the largest specimens, as they may well fall at an angle or look down due to their weight. Such jewelry does not reveal all the beauty of a diamond, and does not fulfill its direct purpose - they do not decorate;
  • Clasps- butterflies prnames in relation to the smallest studs. The disadvantage of this method of fixing is that the clasps invariably loosen and diamond earrings can be lost at any time. Because of this, it is much more far-sighted and safer to purchase products with clasps such as alpha , or with their screwed counterpart. In the latter case, the bartack is screwed onto the rod of the stud and fixes it tightly. This method of securing an earring requires a certain amount of time to twist the setting, and therefore screw studs are an option for every day.

who should use diamond stud earrings

Did you know that a person may be incompatible with a certain type of precious metal used to make earrings?

This manifests itself not only in the form of redness, swelling and even decay of the earlobes, but also in a distorted appearance in general.

It would seem that what else is needed for beauty: put diamond studs in your ears, and shine for your health. It was not so, because well-chosen carnations are not just luxurious, but also comfortable in all respects.

For example, white gold items, complemented by diamonds, look noblest of all.

Only similar silver studs, which have a positive effect on the human body, can compete with them. Despite the relatively low cost of silver, his duet with diamonds is considered aristocratic and balanced.

Gold studs can be yellow, orange and gold and metallic.

When choosing such products, it is important to take into account your color type: winter and summer women are better off choosing orange gold, and in autumn and in spring - in classic yellow.

In terms of socks, white gold studs can be considered the most versatile. In combination with diamonds, it looks original and restrained at the same time. Again, no matter what your final choice falls on, be sure to focus on the fineness of the metal and its quality composition.

In fact, whatever carnations with real diamonds you buy, the perfect tandem of precious stone and metal will make your look unique, chic, graceful and festive.

White Gold 1ct Classic Diamond Stud Earrings - FG23

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