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Cooking delicious liquor at home

Liqueur is one of the noblest and most refined varieties of alcoholic beverages, with a pronounced rich taste. This type of alcohol is served to the table and as a drink, it is complemented by desserts and is used to soak baked goods, various cocktails are made with it and added as a spicy note to coffee or tea.

Cooking delicious liquor at home

History is silent about the country in which alcoholic drinks of the liqueur type first appeared, it is only known that they became widespread in Spain, Italy and France during the period of established trade with the East.

The introduction of spices and spices to the European market has significantly enriched the taste of the product and liqueurs have become extremely popular among the aristocracy. This review article is devoted to liqueurs and the secrets of their homemade preparation.

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Concept and varieties

Liqueur is an alcohol-based drink containing juices of berries and fruits, as well as various additives from spices, spices and herbs.

In the modern alcoholic industry, there are several types of this alcohol:

  • fortified subspecies with an alcohol content of 35-40%;
  • dessert liqueur alcohol with an alcohol value of 25-35%;
  • cream liqueur with an alcohol content of 16-23%.

Depending on the strength, liqueur drinks have different purposes, but mostly cocktails are made of them and offered to guests as a digestif - a drink served at the end of a meal and designed to improve the digestion process.

A few words about cooking rules

Cooking delicious liquor at home

Correctly prepared alcohol of this type has a transparent consistency (with the exception of drinks based on egg, milk and coffee). Some types of liqueur products are additionally colored with fruit juices or food colors.

Moreover, it is very important to choose the right water - it must be soft. Therefore, in the process of making a drink, you can use water from natural sources and boiled water.

All fruits for the product should be chosen with perfect ripeness and without damage - there should be no crushed berries and fruits in the base for liqueur alcohol.

The distillate must be completely closed during the preparation of the liqueur.fruits and berries, also for better separation of the juice, it is advisable to shake the container with the future product from time to time. To make the drink transparent and not cloudy during the cooking process, all the foams must be carefully removed from the liquid.


The recipe for making liqueurs is individual, each variety has its own recipe, which we invite you to get acquainted with. Let's find out how to make liqueur at home, as well as get acquainted with the recipes for the most popular varieties.


Cooking delicious liquor at home

Everyone has probably heard about such a brand of sweet alcohol as Baileys: this drink is indispensable for creating the most original cocktails, it can be added to coffee or tea, used as a topping for ice cream and other desserts.

This variety cannot be called cheap - on average, the price per bottle starts from 700-800 rubles, but why spend your own money if you can make Baileys liqueur at home and without much hassle?

Shop Baileys is of several types, including coffee Baileys and even mint, but the classic variety, based on whiskey, cream and alcohol, has the best taste. We will share the recipe for just such a drink with you.

For the Baileys recipe, you need the following set of ingredients:

  1. 0.5 liter bottle of quality whiskey or vodka;
  2. heavy cream (not less than 30%) - 350 grams; regular condensed milk - 250 grams;
  3. vanilla sugar .
Cooking delicious liquor at home
  • Chill the cream in the refrigerator and then beat until thick with a mixer;
  • Add a bag of vanilla sugar and continue the whipping process - the sugar should completely dissolve in the cream;
  • Add condensed milk into the mixture in small portions, without stopping whipping - as a result, you should get a rather thick mass of a uniform creamy color;
  • Without stopping whipping the mixture, pour whiskey or vodka into it. Whisk again until smooth;
  • Gently pour the drink into a bottle and leave to infuse for a few days. While infusing, shake the bottle periodically to avoid sediment formation.


Cooking delicious liquor at home

Another popular dessert alcohol is Sheridan liqueur, which can also be easily made at home.

Sheridan is based on two mixtures - coffee-chocolate and vanilla-creamy, and special art is required to pour the drink into glasses without allowing the layers of the mixture to stir among themselves.

They should form two equal halves of different colors. Let's learn this art together.

For the white part of Sheridan, you need the following components:

  1. 1.75 cups fresh milk;
  2. full glass ifwok;
  3. honey (the product must be liquid) - two glasses;
  4. 3 fresh chicken eggs;
  5. white chocolate 70-100 grams;
  6. bag of vanilla sugar;
  7. a full glass of good whiskey (better than an Irish variety).
  • Melt the chocolate in a water bath, and after chilling slightly, pour into milk;
  • Break eggs into a separate bowl, whisk until thick foam and add to milk and chocolate, add cream, liquid honey, sugar;
  • Whiskey will be the last ingredient in the mixture - after pouring it into the total mass, beat it until thick with a mixer. The mixture should come out homogeneous and fairly dense;
  • Pour the finished white liqueur into a bottle and place in a cool place to infuse.

Sheridan is infused on average for about 3 weeks.

But the cooking process does not end there - you also need to prepare the coffee part:

Cooking delicious liquor at home
  • Take a deep saucepan with a thick bottom, put on fire, pour a liter of water and pour 800 grams of sugar and 20 grams of crushed caramel into it;
  • Melt the food over the fire until smooth and remove the pan from the stove to cool;
  • After half an hour, add 200 grams of instant coffee to the mixture and stir; Whisk a 0.5 ounce bottle of rum and a 15 gram bag of vanillin in a separate container;
  • Now mix the coffee-caramel syrup and the rum solution together, pour into a bottle and set aside for three weeks as the white part of Sheridan;
  • As soon as both parts are infused, pour them one by one into a two-section container, or simply pour the milk and coffee parts (also necessarily in turn) into a glass when serving.

Sheridan coffee liqueur is ready at home!


Cointreau liqueur is loved all over the world for its pronounced orange flavor. This sweet French alcohol is good as a distillery and as an impregnation for cakes and other baked goods. Even a person inexperienced in the culinary part can make Cointreau liqueur on his own and at home.

You just need to blend in certain proportions (determined from individual preferences):

  • oranges;
  • lemon zest;
  • and sugar alcohol syrup,
  • add spices to the mixture and leave in a cool, dark place for about six hours.

Homemade orange alcohol liqueur tastes the same as the French original.

Banana liqueur

At home, you can also make banana liqueur - a classic component of ladies' cocktails.

Banana alcoholic drink is also good as a topping for ice cream and fruit desserts, and it is prepared quite simply: ripe are whipped in a blenderbananas, eggs, two types of milk - condensed and regular and vodka.

When the mixture is whipped until completely homogeneous, it is poured into bottles and infused for about 12 hours.

As you can see, making homemade liqueur is relatively easy. Enjoy your preparation and use!

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