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Diet minced chicken cutlets

Meat cutlets are a delicious and satisfying everyday dish, without them it is hard to imagine a cozy home kitchen. Nevertheless, minced meatball is a high-calorie pleasure, for this reason, the dish is not recommended by doctors for problems with excess pounds and the digestive system.

Diet minced chicken cutlets

But do not despair, since dietary steamed chicken cutlets, which are allowed even for sick people and small children, are an excellent alternative to this delicacy. If you adhere to the correct recipe for chicken steamed cutlets, the dish will come out appetizing, soft and juicy.

Steam cooking is one of the oldest ways to prepare food. Before people started cooking on fire, they used warm stones that were heated by hot springs. Thus, the first heat treatment was obtained.

Currently, of course, there are a huge variety of cooking options. Food can be cooked, fried, stewed, baked, cooked in a multicooker or double boiler, etc. There are many recipes and tools for special cooking.

All products that are steamed are considered only dietary meals and are very healthy. Due to the fact that during steam processing, the temperature does not exceed one hundred degrees, almost all vitamins are preserved in ready-made dishes, as well as juiciness and benefits, while they will not contain metal compounds, because chlorinated water is not used for such cooking. There are 135 calories in chicken steamed cutlets.

How to make diet chicken steamed burgers?

Even if you cannot cook chicken steamed cutlets in a multicooker, due to its absence, you can still get them. To do this, take a saucepan, take a quarter of the water there. When the water boils, put a colander on the pan, put semi-finished cutlets on it, cover with a lid and wait 15 minutes, if we cook in a slow cooker, then wait up to half an hour, since half of the time will be spent on heating.

The classic recipe for chicken cutlets is very simple, it is the same as for ordinary ones. An egg is also added to it, you can also add herbs and bread. roll in breadcrumbs, not flour.

How do I cook steamed chicken cutlets?

  • Steamed chicken cutlets
Diet minced chicken cutlets

soak two slices of white bread in a third of a glass of milk, chop 500 g of fillet in a blender or through a meat grinder and finely chop the onion. Mix all the ingredients, add greens, drive in an egg and salt. We form the correct shape of cutlets and send them to the multicooker for half an hour;

  • burgers with bread crumbs

chop fillets, onions. Mix everything and add 2 tbsp. l. bread crumbs, salt and egg, then add Art. l. sour cream and mix well. We sculpt semi-finished products and cook for half an hour in a double boiler;

  • cutlets with potatoeseat

prepare mashed potatoes from five potatoes. Beat two eggs separately and add to the puree, mix and salt. We send the formed dish to the double boiler for half an hour;

  • burgers with cheese

chop 800 g fillets, onions, carrots, 100 g cheese and herbs. Fill the white bread with milk. Knead everything with salt and put in the refrigerator for an hour. Then we cook in a double boiler for half an hour;

  • Chicken cutlets with oatmeal
Diet minced chicken cutlets

Grind 1 kg of fillet in a blender, do the same with a head of garlic, six carrots, three onions. Add salt and 5 tbsp to the mixture. l. flakes. We cook in a double boiler for half an hour.

Experiment with recipes and this dish will be a frequent choice on the table in your home. After all, it is not only appetizing, but also completely safe for the figure, and also very useful for health. After all, chicken meat is a storehouse of protein, it is an excellent building foundation for the body.

For this reason, such a dish even diversifies the diet of athletes. Change the ingredients so that the appetizer does not become boring, the main thing is that it is tasty and healthy!

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