Dry calluses on the toes - the best drugs and folk remedies

Calluses on the toes are a common pathology of skin diseases that usually affects girls and women. It is not difficult to cure them, the main thing is to start treatment on time, since it is easier to heal only the formed corn than the hardened one.

Corns appear due to uncomfortable shoes in places of rubbing and regular pressure on the skin of the feet and are divided into dry and wet. Dry ones differ from wet ones in that they do not contain liquid inside, but when walking they also cause pain and discomfort. They consist of a dense structure of skin tissue, spine and shaft.

They do not belong to infectious diseases, but they must be treated without fail, the sooner the better.

Dry calluses on the toes - the best drugs and folk remedies

The treatment will not last long, and the patient will feel relief from walking during the first stages of treatment.

Most often they appear on the toes, little fingers, feet, heels, but they also occur on the hands when, during prolonged physical exertion, the hands were not protected by gloves (exercises on the horizontal bar, gardening work). The main cause of dry calluses on the feet is considered to be uncomfortable or tight shoes, which the patient wears regularly.

At the initial stage of formation, cracks appear on the upper layer of the dermis, through which the infection penetrates into the body. You can not try to get rid of the disease on your own, thereby you can introduce a secondary infection. Your feet are regularly contaminated and bacteria will get in when you cut or poke open a wound.

When walking, friction occurs in a certain area of ​​the dermis of the legs and the cells begin to gradually die off, forming a hard growth on the surface.

This happens under certain conditions:

  • when the shoe is out of size;
  • the shoe presses, squeezes the leg strongly;
  • when the instep is high - this leads to a strong pinching of the leg in the toes;
  • if the seams inside sneakers or shoes are bulky, then they rub calluses;
  • sole too thin;
  • when you wear shoes without socks.

The risk of developing this disease increases with the onset of the warm season, namely summer. The air temperature rises, the legs sweat profusely, and this leads to increased pressure on the skin and increased friction.

If you prefer sandals or high-heeled shoes, dry calluses will appear on the front of the leg, as all the load will be redistributed to the toe. But if you wear flat shoes, you may have dry corns in the heel area.

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dry callus treatment on your heels

When treating this disease, it is recommended to use pharmaceutical or herbal preparations.


Dry calluses on the toes - the best drugs and folk remedies
  1. Salicylic ointment. The preparation contains benzoic acid, which has anti-inflammatory and healing effects.
  2. Plaster. Before gluing the patch on the little finger or other toe, the foot must first be steamed and blotted with a towel until it dries completely, only then the patch must be glued.

Keratolytic gel (ointment) - the drug softens and moisturizes the skin well and removes hard tissue growths, it will help get rid of rough skin.

Salon procedures

  1. Laser therapy. It is used when a fungal infection has become the cause of a hardened dermis. The therapy is absolutely painless and effective, since it completely eliminates the risk of injury in the affected area.

    The laser beam is simply directed to the problem area on the skin and the calluses disappear, along with them, microorganisms and infection are destroyed. With the help of local anesthesia in one procedure, which is absolutely painless, without blood, the doctor will remove the nail itself and the affected area will heal quickly without further dressings and medications.
    Contraindications for laser therapy:
    - symptoms of herpes on the affected area of ​​the dermis;
    - oncological diseases;
    - diabetes;
    - decreased immunity.

  2. Liquid nitrogen is a colorless and odorless liquid that acts cold on the affected area of ​​the skin of the legs. The duration of exposure to liquid nitrogen is one minute. During this time, the hardened tissues are frozen and after 2-3 days the process of their rejection occurs and a new smooth dermis already appears on the little finger or other fingers. One procedure will be enough for you to remove the callus, after which the specialist will prescribe products for further home care - to accelerate the regeneration of dermal tissues.
  3. Hardware pedicure is used in the salon to get rid of superficial formations using a drill. A special tool - a drill with different attachments for grinding leather. A single treatment with this procedure will relieve you of small superficial calluses on the legs.

Folk remedies

Dry calluses on the toes - the best drugs and folk remedies
  1. Potatoes and onions. An equal amount of grated raw potatoes and onions are mixed and wrapped in bandage or gauze. Then it is applied to the sore spot and held for 15 minutes.
  2. Aloe. You will need to cut off and rinse an aloe leaf in running water, cut it in half and attach it to the affected area on the dermis of the inner teaon your finger. From above the finger is wrapped in polyethylene and a bandage or bandage is tied. After 12 hours, you need to remove the aloe leaf, the corn will be softened. Remove its remains with pumice and apply cream or camphor oil to the problem area.
  3. Onion peel. To prepare the ointment, you will need to pour the onion husks with table vinegar and let it brew for two weeks. After this time has passed, we take out the husk and let it drain and dry from the vinegar. Before going to bed, lay the onion peel with a layer of up to 5 mm on the corns and bandage it with a bandage. Before this, we lubricate the dermis around the sore spot with a fat cream or petroleum jelly. In the morning, feet are washed and calluses are removed.
  4. Baths with soap and soda. Dilute soap and baking soda in equal proportions in hot water and soak your feet in this solution for half an hour. After several procedures, problem areas on the dermis will disappear.
  5. Lard (pork) and propolis. These two components are heated to a soft consistency and a cake is sculpted, which is then applied to the grated place. But before using this product, it is recommended to steam your feet in a hot bath of water.
  6. Raw meat. You will need any defrosted meat that needs to be applied to the sore spot. Such a compress is fixed with a bandage or bandage for two hours. If after one manipulation the calluses have not disappeared, then repeat the procedure with meat several more times.


To prevent dry calluses from appearing on your feet, wear comfortable, high-quality shoes, matched to your size, and best of all, use orthopedic shoes, they are really comfortable.

To get rid of dry calluses, use anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals or herbal remedies, and be sure to seek professional help.

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