20 Minute Full Body Steps Workout – Calorie Burning Step Up Cardio Training Routine

Exercises on the step platform: burn fat at home

Aerobic exercise is essential for all-round body development and weight loss. Invented in the 1980s, step aerobics is still used today in fitness clubs in a group format that can be aerobic or focused on muscle development.

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Variations of exercises on a step platform

A step aerobics lesson is a set of choreographic movements accompanied by music and designed to train the muscles of the lower and upper body, as well as the cardiovascular system.

Regular classes will provide several benefits:

Exercises on the step platform: burn fat at home
  1. improve heart function, increase endurance;
  2. strengthen the leg muscles, make each step easier;
  3. support a healthy weight to prevent diabetes, heart disease and joint pain.

Basic steps - the basis of step aerobics, the scope for making combinations of training. Before signing up for a group lesson for the first time, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the steps. For beginners, separate first-level step aerobics classes have been created, where the ligaments are as simple as possible for memorization and execution.

Learning the basic steps

Basic step or basic step - step with the right foot on the step, then with the left, lower to the floor with the right and then with the left.

V-step - we step with the right foot to the edge of the platform, then with the left foot to the other edge, alternately descend in the same order. Over - step from either foot onto the board sideways, rise with the other foot and turn your back, lower your legs in the same order to the floor.

Straddle is a step on the platform sideways with two feet, alternate descent down so that the board remains between the legs, reverse step and descent in the same sequence. Turn or step with a turn - starts with a straightOn the first step with the right foot on the board, while lifting the left leg, the body turns to the right, and the descent begins with the right leg and with the short part of the step.

Exercises on the step platform: burn fat at home

Step-tap - an additional step with the second foot touching the edge of the board: step with the right foot, with the left just touch the surface and lower ourselves to the floor. The leading leg changes during stride.

Knee Raise - A step that begins with the right or left leg lifted to the corner of the board, the other leg must be lifted and bent at the knee. The step is modified according to the movement of the other leg. It can be a swing (or kick), overwhelm.

On the basis of these and many other steps, a complex for training is compiled, a connection is learned with the instructor's tips. This may be followed by a set of strength exercises or an emphasis on strengthening the abs.

Creating a set of exercises with a step platform for weight loss

People who have done aerobics literally fall in love with the variety of choreography, which resembles dance or flying with jumps and turns. By adding classic aerobic steps such as mambo, pivot or chasse, instructors create signature combinations that are pleasant to perform and lose weight at the same time.

However, there is a form of functional step platform training where strength training is combined with intense cardio for quick results. Functional step is not suitable for beginners due to its intensity and variability.

Strength exercises on a step platform

Exercises on the step platform: burn fat at home

For beginners, the strength training complex has a linear format -
exercises are performed one after the other without combinations. The intensity increases by 12% with each increase in the board height by 5 cm, and also depends on the musical rhythm. Steps to the music of 120 beats per minute are equivalent to running at a speed of 12 kilometers per hour, which, in combination with the strength section, has a huge effect on weight loss. For beginners, the rhythm of the workout can start at 80-100 beats per minute.

Squat and Leg Raise

Stand sideways to the board, place one foot on the step parallel to the hip line. Legs are shoulder-width apart, body weight is on the heels. Sit down, pulling your pelvis back and keeping your back straight, trying to evenly distribute body weight between your feet. Rise and swing to the side with a leg standing on a dais, loading the gluteus maximus muscle. Do it 8-10 times for each leg.

Lunges and Knee Raises

Exercises on the step platform: burn fat at home

Stand with your face to the board, put your feet shoulder-width apart. Take a step with your right foot on the step, lift the heel of the supporting leg off the floor and sit down so that the knees with the lower leg create an angle of 90 degrees.

Body weight is on the heel of the leg, standing on the dais. After the lunge, straighten your legs and raise your left knee to your chest, straining your abdominal muscles. Repeat 8-10 times, change sides.

Deanamic bar

Stand with your forearms on the platform so that your elbows are under the shoulder joints, stretch your legs and rest your fingers on the floor. Straighten your back, avoiding excessive deflection in the lower back, strain your stomach. Straighten one arm, then the other, moving to the push-up position, lower down on the forearms. Repeat 10 times, trying to keep the body straight and tense.

Reverse push-ups and toe-toes

Sit on the platform, rest your palms on the edge. Step your feet forward so that the pelvis is overhanging. Bend your elbows, dropping lower to the floor, rise, unbending your arms.

Exercises on the step platform: burn fat at home

At the same time lifting your left hand from the support, raise your right bent leg and stretch your palm to the toe (or lower leg). Repeat 10 times, changing legs.

For beginners to work on a step platform, combined exercises may seem difficult, therefore it is important to master squats, push-ups and body lifts (twisting) without equipment and complication. To lose weight with a step platform, the exercises should be intense enough, performed without interruption, and even better - alternate cardio and strength training.

Tighten and round the buttocks

Exercises for the buttocks on the step platform should be given special attention, as they are most often exciting girls and are divided into two groups: cardio and strength. Cardio burns fat in problem areas, and power ones make the buttocks round.

A set of exercises for losing weight in the hips

Necessarily include jumping, as they speed up the metabolism, spending a lot of energy, and thoroughly load the muscles.

Jumping and jumping off the platform in a semi-squat has several options:

Exercises on the step platform: burn fat at home
  1. stand so that the platform is between the legs, sit down with the pelvis back, jump with two legs on the elevation, landing in a semi-squat, jump back in the same way;
  2. stand facing the platform, sit down and jump on it with two legs, landing in a semi-squat, pulling the pelvis back, straighten up and jump back;
  3. stand to the right of the board and put your foot on it, line your hips in one line, transfer your body weight to your leading leg, moving your buttocks back, touch the board surface with your left hand and jump to the other side, changing your supporting leg.

Jumping is needed to tighten the buttocks and burn fat at the same time.

A set of exercises for rounding the buttocks

If squats stimulate the growth of the buttocks, then it is the lunges that create the perfect apple shape:

Exercises on the step platform: burn fat at home
  1. Bulgarian squats - stand with your back to the dais, step forward, put your right leg on the
    board, resting your toes, sit down so that the left knee forms a goalnew angle 90 degrees, repeat 10 times for each leg;
  2. stepping with a fixed leg - stand facing the board, step on it with your right foot, push off and, at the expense of the buttocks of your right leg, rise to the dais and bend your left leg at the knee, go down, slightly touching the toe of your left foot on the floor, repeat ten more times without stopping, change legs;
  3. lie in front of the board, resting on it with your feet, raise the pelvis above the floor, lingering for 1-2 counts at the top point. To make it more difficult, you can perform lifts with one supporting leg.

Exercises are performed at home or in a gym equipped with platforms. To lose weight, three hours of intensive step-aerobics classes are enough.

A set of exercises on a step platform for home conditions can be anything, but it is better to divide the strength part by muscle groups so as not to lose the effectiveness of the training due to DOMS.

Fat Burning Cardio Step Workout for Butt and Thighs - Step Aerobics Workout Video

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