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Fashion spring-summer 2015–2016: colors, popular models and styles

With the arrival of spring, women have an irresistible desire to dress in the most fashionable things, so that those around them admire their beauty, refined taste and sense of style. That is why they carefully study the latest collections, visit fashion websites, read magazines, trying to find out more what clothes will be at the height of fashion in the coming season.

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Fashion trends 2015–2016

Fashion spring-summer 2015–2016: colors, popular models and styles

This season's clothing collections will allow each of us to highlight our individuality and beauty. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the color palette fashionable in the spring-summer 2015-2016 season. The main palette includes all pastel colors.

Fashion spring-summer 2015 is necessarily fluffy dresses that will hide the flaws in the figure of girls with large shapes. Flowing fabrics, asymmetry and layering will also be relevant. To add accents and complete a feminine look is the main task of the accessories.

Femininity and flamboyance will be the main trends of this season. If you want to be fashionable, in spring, pay special attention to tops, dresses, skirts, blouses. The main materials used by fashion designers are natural silk, lace, chiffon, satin. Among the styles, trends of the 70s and minimalism prevail.

Fashion summer 2015 has the following characteristics:

  • hidden clasps;
  • laconic cut;
  • turn-down or stand-up collar;
  • V-neck;
  • wide sleeves.

The use of luxurious fabrics in the creation of the simplest models will make clothes smart and unusual. Cropped loose-fitting blazers will become a fashion hit of the season. Original prints and patterns will help to add personality to the image.

Wide comfortable trousers conquered many fashionistas on the latest catwalks. This type of lightweight clothing is perfect for women of almost any shape and height. Feel free to wear loose-fitting trousers if you are short or not too slim. The main thing is to have a high waist in trousers.

T-shirt blouses can be seen on almost every fashionista. The style of such a product looks more like a T-shirt than a blouse, but at the same time it looks more feminine and gentle. The products are characterized by a special cut - wide sleeves and a straight silhouette.

Fashionable dresses and sundresses

Fashion spring-summer 2015–2016: colors, popular models and styles

Women's wardrobe is not complete without items such as boardsand sundresses.

World designers and fashion designers offer our attention products of the following styles:

  • mallet;
  • strapless;
  • one shoulder;
  • with slits;
  • maxi, mini, midi;
  • pleated;
  • with puffy skirts.

A mallet dress is a style in which the front and back are different lengths. The products are short in the front, longer in the back. Girls with long and slender legs will look good in such models.

True, if you are short, you can also safely put on an outfit by wearing high-heeled shoes. Mallet dresses are presented in the collections of Emilio Pucci, Thakoon, Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta, Antonio Berardi, Elie Saab.

Strapless dresses, or bustier models, are widely recognized among fashionistas. Dressed in such clothes, you will look stylish, fashionable, elegant, modern and confident woman at the same time. The beautiful models were created by such fashion houses as Zac Posen, Tom, Peter Som, Oscar de la Renta.

If you are embarrassed to wear dresses that are too revealing, one-shoulder outfits may suit you. In the fashion world, this style is known as Greek . These dresses differ from designer to designer.

Some shortened the hem, others decorated them with original prints, and still others made them in leather. Modified Greek models can be seen in the lines of women's clothing David Koma, Tome, Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent.

Among the dresses of the summer 2015-2016, you can see the original models with high slits, which give the fair sex femininity.

Such outfits are very revealing, because they expose women's legs for show, so they are only suitable for relaxation, a date or a special occasion. Light pleated sundresses, which are widely represented by the fashion of spring-summer 2015-2016, are perfect for summer.

Maxi, midi or mini?

Do you want to give your own image romance, tenderness and sophistication, and make your figure more slender? Floor-length dresses are perfect for you, they still remain relevant, in demand and popular. They can be made of absolutely any fabric, but light flowing, translucent materials are more suitable for this time of year.

The length of the mini and midi does not lose its popularity. Now, instead of the so popular mid-length dresses and sundresses, ultra-short models are in the lead. Exquisite options for mini-dresses are offered by fashion houses Versace, Saint Laurent, Fendi, Moscino, Alexander Wang. Mid-length outfits for women of all ages are recommended to wear Altuzarra, Boss, David Koma, Aquilano Rimondi.

Midi dresses are rightfully considered universal, because you can wear them for any reason - to the office to work or going to a party. In addition, it is the average length that can hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the female figure.

What makes beach fashion different

Fashion spring-summer 2015–2016: colors, popular models and styles

Summer vacation is impossible to imagine without a swimsuit. The main trend in beachwear is simplicity, laconic cut and minimal decorative details. However, you shouldn't give up bright colors and intricate prints.

Decorations will help to set accents, because they can also be worn when going to the beach. Large jewelry will be fashionable this season; a bracelet or pendant on a long chain is best suited to a swimsuit, matched to the tone of the beach dress.

Designers offer lovely women and girls a wide variety of swimwear models:

  • closed;
  • open;
  • with bodice bandeau ;
  • with straps;
  • tankini;
  • monokini.

Do you think that beach fashion is limited only to swimwear? This is not at all the case, because on the beach it is so difficult to do without a tunic, light sundress, skirt or shorts, especially when it is very hot. On the beaches you can see girls in tunics with wide sleeves and asymmetrical hem. Short shorts or a tight skirt will look good with such things.

Slender girls can safely wear openwork knitted dresses. The pareo will also remain an obligatory attribute of the beach fashion for the summer of 2015–2016. Using the right pareo, it can be easily turned into a skirt or dress.

Street fashion

Representatives of this trend in fashion are mainly young people. Street fashion in the language of communication between designers and fashion designers is also known as streetwear.

Fashion spring-summer 2015–2016: colors, popular models and styles

The direction is based on the fact that you need to dress the way you like, and at the same time be different from the rest. This trend presupposes a combination of incongruous, which at the same time looks quite harmonious and attractive.

To achieve your goal - to create an original individual image, you can use bright colors. If you are a fan of spring-summer 2015 street fashion, you can safely dress in green, red, blue, yellow at the same time.

If you're afraid to look too bright, dilute these colors with classic white or black. Among prints, geometric, predatory animal and delicate pink remain in fashion.

Follow the fashion, experiment, periodically change your wardrobe, because fashionable things will distinguish you from others and cheer you up!

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