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Greetings from childhood: we bake sour cream cakes

Surely every housewife remembers the delicious joys of her childhood, many of which have already been forgotten. But in vain. Delicious aromatic pastries from childhood will surely please all family members.
One of these dishes is sour cream cakes, which could be found in school canteens. As it turned out, there are a large number of recipes for such baking, many of which have already been modified, but tasty in their own way. For those who want to plunge into memories and learn how to make sour cream cakes, here are some recipes.

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Classic sour cream cakes

This pastry has all GOST standards, so as a result you can be one hundred percent sure. As the name implies, the main highlight of these cakes is sour cream. It is she who gives the baked goods a unique aroma and taste.

So, for cooking, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

Greetings from childhood: we bake sour cream cakes
  • sour cream 0.5 cups;
  • 0.5 kilos of flour;
  • sugar 0.5 cups;
  • warm water 150 ml;
  • butter 75 grams;
  • dry yeast 1.5 rounded teaspoons;
  • egg;
  • a pinch of salt for flavor.


Greetings from childhood: we bake sour cream cakes
  • Flour is the key to the success of any baking. Whatever the variety it is, it is best sifted for airiness. So it is necessary to do so in this case. The yeast must be dissolved in warm water, put 2 tablespoons of flour there, mix thoroughly;
  • Let the dough come up a bit. At this time, mix the flour with salt, sugar and sour cream. Pour the dough into the mixture;
  • Add melted butter at the end. You should not use all the flour right away, if it is not enough, you can always add more, and when there is a lot, then consider that the dough is spoiled;
  • As far as butter is concerned, when kindling, you need to make sure that it does not boil. It also affects the quality of baked goods;
  • The dough must be kneaded and allowed to rise in a warm place. To do this, cover it with a clean towel and leave it for an hour;
  • After this time, it must be kneaded again, and after 10 minutes, rolled out approximately one centimeter thick. It should be noted that the dough turns out to be very soft and elastic, it is a pleasure to work with such a fragrant mass;
  • To make the cakes look nice and neat, it is more expedient to use a form. A wide glass or cup is excellent forwill do for these purposes;
  • It is not difficult to squeeze out a flat cake using the form of a cake and put it on a baking sheet greased with sunflower oil. Use a fork to make several pricks;
  • Wait another ten minutes for the cakes to rise, then grease their surface with a pre-beaten egg and send to the preheated oven;
  • Once the cakes have a rich golden hue, they can be removed from the oven. It takes about half an hour to bake.

As practice shows, these pastries are sold very quickly, you won't have time to blink an eye. Children especially love her. A fairly simple recipe, simple products and a great dish is ready. One thing is for sure: it knows all the components, which cannot be said about store products. So you can eat without restriction, if, of course, there is no fear of getting better.

Recipe for sour cream bread without yeast

Not all people love yeast dough, so this recipe is for them. The role of yeast here is played by the usual baking powder .

So, for these cakes you need ingredients:

  • sour cream 250 ml;
  • flour 400 grams;
  • 2 eggs;
  • baking powder about 2 teaspoons;
  • sugar 2 tablespoons;
  • salt on the tip of a knife;
  • 1 tablespoon of any oil.


Greetings from childhood: we bake sour cream cakes
  • Yeast-free dough is also good because you do not have to wait for it to come up, you can work with it immediately after the dough;
  • Just as in the first version, you first need to prepare the dough, then roll out and squeeze out round blanks. Place them on a baking sheet. It is better to use parchment for baking for ready-made cakes to remove well;
  • The oven must be switched on in advance so that it warms up to 200 degrees. If this is not done, then the cakes will not fit and turn into dry biscuits;
  • Bake them for 30 minutes until they turn brown.

Soft delicious pancakes go well with tea, they can be served with jam, with condensed milk, or without anything. It is better to store them in a plastic bag or covered with a clean towel so they will not dry out.

Recipe for sour cream pancakes in a pan with cheese and herbs

There is a wonderful recipe for sour cream cakes with cheese and herbs, which are easy and simple to prepare. This is a savory baked product. It should be said that the advantage of this dish is that it is not baked in the oven, but fried in a pan.

It will require:

  • 200 grams of any hard cheese;
  • 1 glass of sour cream;
  • 2 tablespoons flour;
  • Eggs;
  • bunch of greenery;
  • sunflower oil 2 tablespoons.


Greetings from childhood: we bake sour cream cakes
  • Cheese must be grated on a coarse grater, mixed with egg and sour cream. Add finely chopped herbs, flour;
  • Spread the resulting mixture in an equal layer in a preheated pan with oil, fry for 10 minutes under the lid until golden brown;
  • Then turn the cake over and fry on the other side, but you don't need to close the lid.

Fragrant pastries with sour cream will become a frequent guest on dinner tables, you just have to try them once.

Natural products, simple recipes for sour cream cakes, great results - what else do you need for a delicious mood?

Fast, satisfying and delicious!

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