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How to become the soul of the company?

Most likely, you have often met people around whom a cheerful and friendly company always gathers. They become the center of their environment, never stop generating interesting and unusual ideas, initiating all cultural and public events.

Looking at all this, it begins to seem that the question of how to become the soul of any company is solved at the genetic level, and it is not possible to acquire such talent under any circumstances. And what remains to be done? Accept? No, only weak individuals do this, while the rest learn and move forward.

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Sociability - this is your main weapon

How to become the soul of the company?

The person-soul of the company differs from his peers in that it is very easy for them to find a common topic of conversation, even with a completely unfamiliar interlocutor. A stranger who has fallen into his company will not be subject to examination or questioning, but will be warmly received and kindly.

It turns out that the problem of how to become the soul of the company can be solved only by overcoming one's own shyness. To do this, without fear, start a conversation with unfamiliar and, in general, strangers, especially when it comes to new members of your party. They will be immensely grateful for your attention, and it is you who will unite the company even more and make it the most comfortable place on earth.

You can gain experience of communicating with strangers in everyday life. Feel free to strike up a dialogue with a taxi driver, seller or courier, and the topics can be completely different.

The soul of any company does not just strive to be in the spotlight . This person manages to find free minutes to communicate with all his acquaintances, call them, go to a cafe or a movie, help with advice or deeds. Moreover, this is done absolutely unobtrusively, naturally, and does not cause any reciprocal obligations.

Be cheerful and amuse others

No, no one forces you to master the profession of a clown or a comedian, but you still have to be a merry fellow. To do this, develop a sense of healthy humor, but do not become a bully who is affirmed at the expense of humiliating someone from your environment.

How to become the soul of the company?

Make your company laugh with witty and fresh anecdotes, funny real and invented cases, jokes and their interpretations in your own way.

Puzzled by the problem of how to be a soul withcompany or new company, you have to overcome the fear of appearing ridiculous or ridiculous. Can't dance? It's okay!

Go out on the dance floor and dance dashingly from the heart, without bothering about technique or style. Moreover, pull from the tables those who are sour there throughout the evening.

Become interesting to others

What is the meaning of this cryptic definition of soul of the company ? It can be called a person who is able to maintain a conversation, speak on diverse and interesting topics, reasonably argue, debate and manipulate the conversation. Of course, such a person cannot and should not know everything in the world, but he simply must have a lot of hobbies and interests. You will never hear from him I am not good at this either let's change the subject .

To achieve all this, you yourself begin to open up to everything new, constantly learn and develop in all directions. In order not to lose your mind, do not narrow your preferences in cooking, music, sports or science, have your own opinion and respect the alternatives.

Last tips

Of course, these are not all recommendations on how to become the soul of the company, and a girl or a guy will have to change a lot in herself and her attitude towards others. To do this:

  • Make unobtrusive compliments to friends, acquaintances and strangers, praise and encourage them, look for pluses from your opponent and point them to others;
  • A girl or a man should throw away embarrassment, insecurity and complexes;
  • Saying that you are not given to be the soul of the company is the easiest thing, although sometimes it is enough just to show your talents in the field of sports or the visual arts;
  • Fight your tightness, share interesting information with the environment, attract attention to yourself and willingly take part in disputes.

The ability to listen and hear is what distinguishes the soul of the company from all other participants. Not everyone can sincerely listen to a stranger, and not interrupt - and very few. Therefore, during the conversation, ask clarifying and leading questions, maintain eye contact, stay on the main topic and nod, making it clear that you are the attention itself.

And one more thing: a person - The soul of any company always smiles sincerely and naturally, inviting its surroundings to itself. It is important here not to cross that invisible line when you can over- or under-smile. To do this, at the moment of stretching your lips into a smile, you need to imagine something unimaginably pleasant and cheerful.

For example, think of your first crush, academic achievement, or your baby's first smile. And if everything is done correctly, it means that a reciprocal smile will not keep you waiting long, and you will instantly gain the location and trust of your opponent, and not

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