Yorkshire Terrier - Care and Training Information

How to care for a Yorkshire terrier?

The small size of the Yorkshire Terrier allows people living in an apartment to get this decorative dog. Taking care of a Yorkie is quite simple, almost everyone will be able to keep this canine at home.

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Preparation to the emergence

How to care for a Yorkshire terrier?

From the moment you decide to become the owner of this amazingly cute animal, you should set aside a small corner for it in your house or apartment.

As such a place, you can use a basket or a box with a blanket. These york accessories should be placed in a suitable place: the dog should be away from heaters and not in a draft.

Since the terrier is a small dog breed, it should be litter trained. He can go to the toilet on a litter box, or on a lined disposable diaper. Puppies of this breed always go to the toilet after sleeping and eating, so while you are accustoming the animal to the rules, you can unload it at this time.

Before you bring your Yorkshire Terrier home, purchase this inventory:

  • two bowls with a stand;
  • comb and brush for wool;
  • hair clipper;
  • tongs and a file to take care of your nails;
  • toilet tray or absorbent diapers.

Yorkies are house dogs, so you don't need to walk them, however if you decide to walk with your four-legged friend, use a tape measure. If you are planning to walk with your dog in the cold season, buy a jumpsuit for your pet, because despite the long coat, it will not protect York from frost.

Do not forget that your pet is a real mischief, regardless of age, so make sure that he has high-quality latex toys, they are as safe as possible. It is strictly forbidden to use plastic toys for puppies' games, because they can bite through and choke on small details.

Care instructions

Care consists of the following actions:

  • eye treatment;
  • bathing;
  • brushing teeth;
  • ear cleaning ;
  • claw trimming;
  • grooming.

Every morning a Yorkie should start with an eye wash. This procedure can be carried out using a cotton swab dipped in warm water, fresh strong tea or chamomile decoction. Every two weeks, hair should be trimmed between the toes on all legs of the animal.

You also need to carefully trim your pet's nails. This should be done with particular care so as not to hurt the blood vessels. If you are unable to complete the procedure, see your veterinarian or file your nails with a nail file.

You need to clean your Yorkie ears once a week, using a special product or ordinary boiled water. Use cotton swabs to thoroughly clean the auditory canal; to prevent the formation of sulfur plugs, trim or pluck the hair in the ears.

Light brown sulfur without any odor indicates the health of your animal, if the discharge is of a different color, you should contact your veterinarian.

Taking care of the coat

How to care for a Yorkshire terrier?

Wool is the most important advantage of this popular breed. It requires serious care, especially if you plan to attend dog shows with your Yorkshire Terrier. The hair of the animal must be combed out daily with a brush or comb. Taking care of your Yorkshire terrier also includes bathing your four-legged friend.

It should be remembered that it is often impossible to bathe a dog, such a procedure for caring for an animal's hair should be carried out no more than 2-3 times a month. For bathing your pet, use special shampoos, the water should be approximately 35 degrees.

Many owners of these decorative dogs are faced with the problem of matting after bathing. To avoid this, you should lather and rinse off the shampoo in the direction of hair growth. Be sure to cut your pet's coat once every 2-3 weeks. The Yorkshire Terrier's haircut can be very diverse, it all depends on your preferences.

The hair should be cut as short as possible in the genital area and under the tail. Some breeders can trim the animal themselves at home, but if you are going to attend shows, you only need a specialist. To give the Yorkie an attractive well-groomed look, curls are made of hair and oiled.

Keeping your teeth healthy

The weakest point of Yorkshires is their teeth, so they require careful care. To prevent the occurrence of tartar or early tooth loss, you need to brush your four-legged friend's teeth at least once a week. For provingFor such a hygiene procedure, use special toothpastes and brushes sold in pharmacies.

what to feed york with

How to feed a Yorkshire Terrier is the main question of breeders. You can feed your dog with ready-made food or natural food.

York's diet should consist of the following foods:

  • boiled meat - rabbit, lean beef, lamb, chicken, turkey;
  • porridge - buckwheat, rice;
  • fermented milk products - unsweetened yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk;
  • cottage cheese diluted with kefir;
  • vegetables and fruits.

Yorkshire terriers rarely have food allergies, however, protect your pet from eating chocolate, sweets, smoked meats, spicy and fried foods. Remember that any dog's diet should be as balanced and natural as possible.

For the good health of the animal, it is important to correctly calculate the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. You cannot feed the dog only meat; the diet should contain vegetables, cereals, dairy products, special mineral feedings and additives.

Proper care and nutrition of your Yorkshire Terrier is the key to excellent health and good mood of your pet!

How to care for your new Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

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