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How to fast for weight loss

Fasting is a powerful way to detoxify the body and, accordingly, lose weight. It is radical and is best practiced under the guidance of an experienced professional. If you decide to starve yourself, then start only and exclusively with a one-day fast, observing the strict rules that we will talk about in this article.

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Benefits dry fasting

How to fast for weight loss

Hunger itself is a powerful incentive to mobilize the body's forces for survival . Complex mechanisms are triggered, all organ systems are activated, immunity and cell regeneration are activated, pathogenic flora perishes, toxins are removed.

If abstinence from food is carried out dry , that is, without taking water, then the effect is even more pronounced.

Authors of theories of therapeutic fasting (L. Shchennikov, V. Lavrova, S. Filonov, G. Malakhov, P. Bregg and others) give examples from the life of animals who regularly have days without food and water. This is naturally inherent in nature, therefore, according to the authors, nothing new has to be invented: you just have to listen to your body.

For example, when an animal gets sick, it refuses food, and often - and water. When a person is sick, a piece also does not go down his throat, but we force ourselves to eat, because the body needs to take somewhere strength to recover .

But the point is that the body knows better than us where to get these forces. And unnecessary food at this time only takes them away: in order to digest food, we spend energy resources that could go on self-healing.

Refusal of food and water for 1-4 days, according to S. Filonov, does not cause harmful consequences for humans. The human body is able to extract water from its own fatty deposits - about 1 liter per day.

Very important! Preparing for fasting is the key to successful recovery

Trying any fasting technique is strictly prohibited if the preparatory stage is not followed, the intestines and liver are not cleansed.

In this case, the body will receivesevere poisoning due to the decomposition of toxic substances in the digestive system, there will be significant weakness, poor health, exacerbation of diseases, skin rashes (toxins will be released through the skin).

So, what needs to be done in the preparatory stage:

  • Some time before hunger (the longer this time, the better) switch to a rational, balanced diet that excludes sugar, salt, fried, smoked, yeast dough, carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee and other harmful substances;
  • Stop taking any medication at least 4 days before the famine;
  • Carry out a cleansing of the intestines and liver, then allow the body to recover on a diet for several days;
  • Just before hunger, do cleansing enemas;
  • Eliminate strong physical and mental stress for the entire period of fasting.

You need to start, as we already said, with a one-day fast, and over time you can increase its duration. It is better to start by refusing only food and drink water. And only then try refusing water.

The best time for cleansing procedures and diets is spring.

Below we will take a closer look at the recommendations of popular authors about dry fasting.

Filonov dry fasting method

The author offers a three-month recovery course, which includes a preparatory phase, days without food or water, and a recovery period.

1st month:

  • 2 weeks of proper dietary nutrition;
  • 1 week colon and liver cleanse;
  • 1 week of strict mono-diet on buckwheat porridge or, optionally, 1 day of wet fasting.

2nd month:

  • 1st week: 1 day of wet (water) fasting (hereinafter - WG), the rest - diet food;
  • 2nd week: 2 days GV, 5 - diet;
  • 3rd week: 3 VH, 4 diets;
  • 4th week: 5-7 days VH.

3rd month: the scheme is the same as in the second month, but instead of wet fasting, dry fasting is performed.

Then follows getting out of starvation . We will talk about it below (the recommendations of all researchers are approximately the same).

Dry fasting method according to Shchennikov

This author offers a unique mechanism of Healing Abstinence :

How to fast for weight loss
  • preparatory stage - a two-day meal of raw vegetables;
  • directly SG - 5-11 days;
  • exit.

In the process of fasting, Shchennikov advises to adhere to these rules:

  • keep your mouth closed: if possible, do not talk, but breathe exclusively through your nose;
  • constantly ventilate the room;
  • onKeep yourself busy and constantly move, avoiding bed rest (movements should be slow and smooth);
  • cool showers can be taken, but water should not enter your mouth (you cannot brush your teeth or gargle).
  • maintain a calm state of mind, calm mind, breathe regularly.

The schedule of the day is as follows:

  • from 6 to 10:00 am - sleep;
  • from 10 to 13.00 - active walk;
  • from 13 to 15.00 - mental activity;
  • from 15 to 18.00 - lessons with an instructor;
  • from 18 to 22.00 - sleep;
  • from 10 pm to 6 am the next day - moderately active outdoor activities.

Healing Abstinence according to Shchennikov has been clinically tested and patented.

Lavrova dry fasting method

A feature of this author's approach is the complete prohibition of contact with water: not only do not drink, but not even wash your hands, but wash dishes with gloves.

Preparatory stage:

  • two weeks before the start of dry fasting, exclude foods with sugar and its substitutes, salt and everything salty, any meat, coffee, alcohol and nicotine;
  • switch to plant foods one week before SG;
  • after the last meal in the preparatory phase, you need to drink as much water as possible during the last hour (optional - with lemon and honey).

After the last sip of water, the SG itself begins.

The author recommends to carry it out cascade , incrementally (in another way, Lavrova's method is called cascade dry fasting):

  • period 1: day of hunger - day of dietary food - day of hunger - day of food and so on, an unlimited number of times;
  • period 2: two days of hunger - two meals and so on, similar to the previous one;
  • period 3: the same, only three after three days;
  • period 4: four through four;
  • period 5: five through five.

There are other types of cascade abstinence from food: 24 hours of hunger - a week of food - 48 hours of hunger - a week of food - 72 hours of hunger - a week of food and so on up to five days of hunger. Another option is to increase the duration of the SG each time not by 24, but by 12 hours.

The most crucial moment: getting out of dry fasting

This step is very important.

In order to prevent malfunctions in the body, you need to follow these rules:

  • the exit from the SG begins with the use of a small amount of cool, clean boiled water, in small sips for several hours;
  • after that, you need to eat a little clean, dietary food (here the recommendations of experts already differ: some strongly recommend homemade yogurt or cottage cheese and prohibit eating raw fruits and vegetables, others recommend compote from dryfruit without sugar, a little carrot juice, boiled rice without salt, etc.);
  • accustom the body to food gradually, in small portions, so as not to rip off the pancreas;
  • is very important! Avoid using harmful foods as long as possible, otherwise all efforts will go to waste. Do not eat meat, salt, sugar, flour, yeast, canned food, semi-finished products, nitrate vegetables, do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Contraindications to SG

Since SG is the strongest stress for the body, you must have enough strength to pass it correctly.

How to fast for weight loss

You cannot resort to this method of cleansing and losing weight in such conditions:

  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • a period of strong physical and mental stress;
  • obvious underweight;
  • blood clotting disorder;
  • cancer, tuberculosis and other serious diseases;
  • unclear diagnosis.

Be sure to consult with experts before hungry practice.

We hope this overview article has given you a general understanding of how to fast to lose weight, cleanse your body and fill it with energy. Be sure to study your chosen technique thoroughly before applying!

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