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How to meet online - advice from psychologists

Almost all guys and girls surf the Internet every day: social networks, Internet blogs, news sites, etc. The Internet is a very convenient and useful tool with which you can get the information of interest, adequate interlocutors and, of course, potential second halves.

How can you start dating on the Internet and is there, in general, any sense in this?

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Internet dating. Will there be a sequel?

How to meet online - advice from psychologists

A lot of people are skeptical about virtual dating, believing that it is a waste of time that will not bear real fruit.

Is there, in general, even the slightest sense to get acquainted on the Internet? In fact, a lot depends on your mental attitude.

If a person, filling out a questionnaire on a dating site, is sure that a priori will not be able to find at least an interesting interlocutor there, nothing will work.

With such an attitude, you simply will not see in a person, knocking to you, a potential boyfriend / girlfriend. But in fact, dating on the Internet can become for any person a lifesaver capable of solving the issue of amorous affairs.

Just imagine that more than 5 million people are on dating sites every minute. According to statistics, more than 30% of registered people eager to communicate hope to build a long and strong relationship.

How to get to know each other correctly?

If you listen to their acquaintances, many of them will say that it is simply pointless to get acquainted on the Internet: there are only inadequate people sitting there, normal men are not looking for virtual communication , etc. Although in reality, these are nothing more than stereotypes. If you consider yourself an adequate and reasonable person intending to create profiles on dating sites, it is logical to assume that someone like you thinks the same way.

Where to start dating on the Internet?

  • Give up stereotypes. When you decide to chat online, temper your skepticism. Tune in, if not to find a soul mate, then at least a pleasant and interesting pastime;
  • Decide on the purpose of dating. If you intend to meet, for example, with a guy to create a relationship, communicate only with the circle of people who could potentially become your companionsher life;
  • Complete your profile completely. To get people interested in your own candidacy, try to fill out your profile on dating sites as much as possible. Thus, you save people from the need to ask unnecessary trivial questions where do you live?, What are you hobbies about? etc .;
  • Be truthful. When communicating with people, try not to embellish reality too much. As a rule, this is a road to nowhere. Give the interlocutor the opportunity to evaluate the real qualities of character, and not superficial;
  • Get rid of projections. Many girls, communicating with a man, imagine semi-fantastic creatures endowed with extremely positive qualities. In order to ultimately not be disappointed in your own choice, try not to attribute non-existent character traits to people.

Non-standard questions and phrases for dating

How to meet online - advice from psychologists

It is probably no secret to anyone that at the initial stages of communication, the first written phrases are of decisive importance.

Why? People who have been in contact with potential other halves for several months are simply tired of banal phrases like: hello, what are you doing? How are you name, beautiful stranger? etc.

In order not to automatically go into the category of another failure , you should think about the correct selection of phrases for meeting an interesting man through the Internet site.

What should be the first words?

  • The written phrase should not be banal and predictable;
  • Words should hook and interest a potential groom ;
  • The first phrases written should give your level of intellectual development.

How to understand where to start communicating with a man? First of all, analyze the person's profile, find out what he enjoys, what are his interests and worldview. If you are interested in something more than just a person's appearance, feel free to start communicating.

What questions or just phrases can you write?

  • I accidentally got on your page and now I am concerned about one important question ... . A phrase like this will immediately intrigue a person who will certainly want to hear the continuation of the sentence. The second part of the phrase can be continued in a joking manner, for example, do you have some time for me to communicate;
  • Probably, girls often invite you to go to the registry office . Such expressions are more suitable for meeting young guys, up to 28-30 years old.
  • Don't you need a witty conversationalist? . Don't be afraid to use funny phrases and questions to meet your guy online. The main thing is that they do notWere trivial and at the very first couples distinguished you from the gray mass of people communicating through standard phrases.

Beware of scammers!

How to meet online - advice from psychologists

Unfortunately, not only people trying to find interesting interlocutors, but also scammers surf the Internet. They skillfully masquerade as potential brides and grooms, pursuing only one goal - to get money. That is why, when communicating on the web, be very vigilant.

Internet scammers registered with dating sites can use many methods to handle victims.

In most cases, they first fall in love with the victim, and then come up with a lot of heartbreaking stories in which they ask you to part with a certain amount in their favor.

To avoid becoming a victim of another rogue, take the following dating rules as a basis:

  • Do not transfer personal funds to anyone and under any circumstances and do not provide your passport details;
  • Check the person in the blacklists scammers. Such lists are publicly available on the Web. If the behavior of a potential groom / bride seems strange to you, check if he is on the lists of people who want to get rich at someone else's expense;
  • Try to communicate on skype. As a rule, scammers do not want to show their own face, so they often post photos of other people on sites. However, communication via video communication would allow at least the slightest degree of confirmation of the interlocutor's genuine interest;
  • If you see that events are developing extremely quickly and a person already on the third or fourth day of communication declares his unreal feelings, you should doubt their authenticity.

To find out the status of a potential groom, you can simply use the services of a detective agent. Through his own communication channel, he will be able to establish the location of the person, the personal data you are interested in, as well as some biographical facts.

Virtual communication is another way to find an interesting interlocutor or potential life partner.

To increase your chances of meeting really interesting people, use non-standard statuses for dating on the Internet, fill out your profiles in site profiles as much as possible and do not start correspondence with banal phrases.

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