How to properly build a daily routine for a newborn?

When a long-awaited first-born appears in the house, new parents often face a number of unforeseen problems and the first difficulties in parenting. This is especially true of the baby's sleep and wakefulness regime.

The daily routine of a newborn should be laid by his mom and dad from the first days, weeks and months of life.

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Why is daily routine so important for a newborn baby?

How to properly build a daily routine for a newborn?

If the child's regimen is not drawn up correctly, he will wake up more often at night and will be moody during the day. To avoid all this, it is important to properly distribute not only the feeding hours, but also the baby's sleep hours. Of course, this does not guarantee that the child will completely stop bothering you with crying at night and begging for breast - this will continue for about six months in any development of events. But in order to tolerate fatigue softer and make the baby's life more comfortable, you must accustom him to a certain rhythm of life.

How to teach a newborn to the regimen?

This question is asked by almost all parents who only recently received the most precious envelope on discharge from a maternity hospital. First of all, it should be understood that the first month of life for a baby is the most difficult, since it is during this period that he begins to adapt to life outside the mother's womb. You yourself understand that aggression and excessive harshness towards him in this regard is unacceptable.

It is important to create optimal conditions for the child to endure the adaptation period as quickly and easily as possible. How to properly organize the daily routine for a newborn in the first month of life?

Psychologists and pediatricians unanimously argue that children, whose daily routine was observed from the first months of life, grow up more disciplined, organized and self-confident. Therefore, as a young mother, you should make every effort to this so that your child grows into a worthy member of society, and just a successful person.

The network offers special tables of the regime of the day of the newborn up to a month. But such a table is not entirely relevant for modern mothers - rather, it is a relic of the Soviet past, when children were frankly tortured and fed strictly by the hour, and not on demand.

In addition, you won’t bother your little one just to adjust it to some generally accepted standards ?

How to properly build a daily routine for a newborn?

It should be understood that the daily routine is, in principle, individual for each family, no matter how adults or young children in it are. In addition, much depends on the child's temperament, character and habits, which are formed from the first days of life.

The best recommendation in terms of drawing up a regime is the following: listen to your baby and your own mother's heart.

It definitely won't fool you!

Your intuition will always make it clear to you what the baby needs at a given moment. And following any rules is inappropriate here.

What happens to a baby in the first month of life?

In the first days and weeks of life, the baby sleeps almost all the time. For 18-20 hours a day, he basks in the arms of Morpheus, waking up only to eat. Of course, no parent can ever think of breaking such a vacation.

Around the third week of life, the baby's wake time begins to gradually and smoothly increase. Now he wakes up not only for feeding, but for other interesting things as well.

He looks with surprise at bright and large objects, reacts to his mother's voice, begins to listen to surrounding sounds. At this time, you can notice the first focusing of the baby's gaze - now his eyes are looking with concentration and attention, as if concentrating on something that attracts attention.

Nutrition for your baby

In the first month of a newborn baby's life, you need to pay attention to his feeding. Previously, doctors advised women to feed their crumbs exclusively on a schedule. Some pediatricians offer to establish a feeding regimen of this kind for young mothers even now, but most women deliberately refuse it.


Old regimen assumes feeding every three hours. Moreover, some psychologists, like Spock, strongly recommend not to pay attention to the manipulator , even if your baby goes into hungry crying. This is a huge stupidity and cruelty towards your child, because food for him is now the main source of healthy life.

How to properly build a daily routine for a newborn?

Since food is a basic need for a baby, modern doctors suggest feeding him on demand. Moreover, obstetricians-gynecologists from the antenatal clinic who oversee pregnancy begin to insist on this.

Some young mothers are seriously afraid of such a prospect - after all, here you have to be around the clock with a baby with a breast at the ready. However, do not worry - the baby will not ask for food as often as you think.

Therefore, adhering to such a feeding regime for a newborn baby will be ideal for him and for you.

A normal portion of breast milk for a newborn is 50-90 ml.

Diet Recommendations

  1. According to intAccording to international statistics, newborns are fed 6-8 times a day;
  2. The amount of food consumed (be it breast milk or artificial milk formula) is purely individual for each child, and depends on the needs of his body;
  3. It is best to offer the breast or bottle until the baby is full. This is also true for you - it is advisable to express all the milk so as not to provoke lactostasis;
  4. Please note that bottle-fed babies may consume smaller portions by volume than infants. Don't let this alarm you. The fact is that infant formula is quite dense in structure, and contains a high concentration of fats, vitamins and microelements, and therefore the baby is quickly saturated with it;
  5. The intervals between feedings for artificial should be slightly longer so that the gastrointestinal tract can digest food.

An important point about feeding: under no circumstances should you overfeed. This can cause colic, regurgitation, constipation, and other digestive problems. Better to let the baby wake up in an hour and ask for more food than overeat and suffer from it.

Daily mode by month

You already understood that you need to try not to disturb your baby during the first month of his life.

And in this chapter we will give interesting facts regarding the daily routine of the newborn by month.

How to properly build a daily routine for a newborn?
  • The regime begins to be more or less established from about 7-8 weeks of a baby's life, but it is worth teaching him to it much earlier;
  • Newborn babies can be confused day and night. The kid can wake up at night and play alone for a long time;
  • The eating rhythm becomes stable by about 6 weeks of age. By this time, you can understand exactly how much feed your baby needs. Some children demand food every two hours, others go without it for three and a half hours;
  • Long walks in the fresh air, taken several days in a row at the same time, help to set up the children's mode;
  • From two to three months, wean yourself from the habit of putting your baby to bed immediately after feeding. He will be much more pleased to explore the world around him and play with you;
  • But you should only bathe your baby before evening feeding and bedtime, and this should be done no longer than 5-7 minutes;
  • From two to four months, the child eats and sleeps about 6-7 times a day, and plays for about 1-1.5 hours in total;
  • The duration of night sleep increases from four to seven months - now it can be uninterrupted for 8-10 hours;
  • At the time of illness and malaise (for example, when teething), the child should be returned to the previous stage of the regimen formation in order to give him a resource for recovery.

As for walks, start themyou need to practice only if the baby is already 10 days old. This applies only to healthy, term infants. In other cases, this issue is resolved on an individual basis.

The time for outdoor walks is 10 minutes for the winter season (the air temperature should not be lower than 10 degrees) and 20 minutes for the summer (the air temperature should not exceed 25-30 degrees with a plus mark).

If you practice massage and gymnastics, you need to do this half an hour before feeding.

May your baby be healthy and happy!

Caring For Your Newborn

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