How can you Replace a Lost Birth Certificate

How to recover a birth certificate?

It is believed that the most important document a person needs throughout his life is a passport. This is probably why it is cherished much more than a birth certificate, although it is received upon reaching adulthood.

Until that moment, any authorities prove their identity precisely by paper confirming the fact of birth at a specific time and place.

The lost birth certificate will be needed at the time of admission to an educational institution, the conclusion of all kinds of legal transactions, registration of a passport, pension, and so on. That is why the lost birth certificate is restored as soon as possible, and this is done either personally or through the personnel department of your company.

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Standard Procedure

The easiest way to restore a damaged or lost birth certificate is for those who live in the place of their registration and birth.

How to recover a birth certificate?

They just need to pay a visit to the registry office, write a specific type of application there and get a new official paper in a week. In the event that the rehabilitated documents cannot be collected in person, you can order their shipment by state mail.

In the latter case, a receipt is attached to the application confirming that the state duty has been paid, as well as copies of all required papers (passport and code, for example).

The personnel department at the place of official work also has the right to restore the lost birth certificate. To do this, the employee must provide all the required documents, and the head of the HR department sends an official request to the appropriate authority.

To get your own birth certificate instead of the lost one, a person needs to collect:

  • a receipt confirming the payment of the state duty;
  • photocopies of their parents' passports;
  • a photocopy of the marriage certificate (if any).

What if you live in another city?

A birth certificate of a person living in another city can be obtained again using the following procedure:

  • Visit the registry office at the actual location;
  • Write a statement of the desired type,in which to indicate the need to send documents to a specific address;
  • Wait for a response to an electronic request sent by an employee of a government institution to the city where the person was born;
  • Receive an email notification about the forwarding of documents;
  • Pay the fee;
  • Pick up a duplicate at the registry office, presenting a receipt and passport.

If the person has already died ...

It also happens that a birth certificate must be obtained after its owner has died. A similar need arises in the case of the carve-up of his material values ​​or the entry into ownership of housing. In this situation, it is possible to reissue the paper only in the state institution that registered it, by making a personal visit there or by sending a request in writing.

Documents to be attached to the application:

  • A receipt confirming the payment of the fee;
  • References and copies of anything that can confirm the fact of direct relationship;
  • Evidence confirming the death of a person.

If relatives do not know in which particular department of the registry office their deceased received his birth certificate, they should contact the general archive of the state institution at the place of birth of the deceased person. Despite the fact that replacing the lost paper with a new one will take a long time, you will definitely not get a refusal.

It is even more difficult to obtain a duplicate for a deceased adult or child if there is no information about the place of birth. Then you need to contact your registry office and write a corresponding statement there. An employee of the organization will send the required request to all similar authorities in the country, and all that remains is to wait for a response.

I need a new document for the baby

The need for a new document on the birth of your child does not make fundamental changes to the general algorithm of actions. Parents need to contact the registry office that registered the birth of a child and properly fill out an application of a certain type. In the event that the child's family is in another city, and you need to obtain a new birth certificate for the baby, you will need to contact the state institution at the place of your actual stay, fill out an application there and wait for a response to the request.

Naturally, the child's parents will need to provide copies of their passports, certificates of marriage and the original receipt confirming the payment of the mandatory fee.

As soon as a duplicate document for a child arrives, a notification is sent to the mailing address of his parents. With it, as well as with the original passport, the father or mother can pick up a new paper for the child.

What to do if recovery is denied?

If the birth certificate of the deceased, living or child cannot be obtained again due to the refusal of the registry office, you need to go to court, fill out an application there and support it with a written answerot a state institution confirming the fact of refusal of assistance.

Similar circumstances may arise when a child needs to obtain a new birth certificate to replace the lost one, and his parents are either divorced or deprived of their rights.

In such a situation, the government agency is simply not able to identify the identity of the child who applied to them, and he has to establish it through the courts. As soon as the latter hands the applicant his positive written decision, and it comes into legal force, the plaintiff has the right to contact the registry office again and calmly take the restored birth certificate.

In order to save time for employees of a state organization and people who apply to it, the state provides an opportunity to submit a virtual application for a new document. It is filled in on the portal of public services, but only after the registration procedure on such.

When you come for the recovered paper, you need to carefully check its contents, in particular, whether it is stamped and whether the citizenship is indicated correctly.

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