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How to teach a child the alphabet: features that parents should know

Knowledge of the alphabet is the basis of a person's normal life in society. Everyone knows that without reading and writing skills, it is impossible to interact with other people. That is why they begin to teach the child letters in early childhood. However, many questions arise here: how to teach a child the alphabet, when to start, at what age and is it right to rush at all?

How to teach a child the alphabet: features that parents should know

The opinions of psychologists on this score differ: some say that the sooner the baby begins to at least externally get acquainted with the letters, the better he will be developed later. Others point out that premature learning does not lead to any result, which means that there is no need to try.

However, today, parents are trying to start the education of their children at a very young age.

Why teach the alphabet?

In addition to completely natural social reasons, the need to know letters for a person under five years old is due to the requirements put forward by many schools: not every educational institution is content with a simple ability to read syllables. Nowadays, it is often necessary to demonstrate your reading skills at a speed of ten to fifteen words per minute to enter first grade.

Based on these considerations, the child begins to learn the alphabet (and not only Russian, but also English, if it is planned to enter a school with a language bias) immediately after he said his first words - up to two years, and sometimes even before year.

This process does not always go quickly: a lot depends on the individual characteristics of children's development. However, there are many recommendations from teachers and psychologists on how to easily teach a child the alphabet.

When to start learning?

This question is one of the first to be asked by parents who have decided to give their child to the power of science. There is no single answer to the question: some want to familiarize a six-month-old baby with knowledge, others forget about the need to familiarize themselves with the letters before the very preparation for school, believing that the child should rest while there is an opportunity.

None of these options can be called correct: starting the educational process too early is not effective, since the letters will most likely be forgotten before school, and too late will lead to problems with the development of Russian, and then English in the future .

Experts, understanding this issue, call a certain age range when acquaintance with the letters will be most productive: four to five years. At the same time, it is very important to start learning correctly, because it depends on whether the child will like learning at all. It so happens that too demanding parents, by imposing the alphabet, destroyed any desire to learn.

How to teach your child the alphabet correctly : preparing for the educational process

The most important thing is where to startb - positive emotions. Any successful activity requires a positive message. Therefore, a person should be introduced to reading from an early age, try to instill a love for him. All that should be done for this is to read books to the kid: fairy tales, rhymes, fables.

A child should enjoy the opportunity to learn a new story with their parents, and not feel forced by adults.

In order not to destroy the child's desire to learn letters and master reading by himself, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. The child must choose the book that an adult will read to him.
  2. It is better if the publication is illustrated, then the child will quickly feel interest.
  3. It is imperative to discuss what you have read with your child, but not in a teacher's tone, but in the usual, understandable language for him in the form of a friendly conversation.
  4. Sometimes it will not be superfluous to ask the kid to make a short retelling: this develops memory, the ability to formulate their thoughts.

How to teach a child the alphabet at 3 years old?

Sometimes parents still begin to teach the child the alphabet at an early age (up to three to four years). If this path is chosen, it will be correct to use special children's devices that increase interest in the alphabet and improve its memorization at this age:

  1. Magnetic alphabet is good because it is always at hand. Magnets can be easily attached to a refrigerator or other metal surface. While playing, you can collect the first syllables and even words from them.
  2. Letters with illustrations. You can buy them, or you can do it yourself by asking your child for help. Choosing one of the many illustrated word cards, attaching it to the desired letter, the child quickly learns the alphabet.
  3. Baked letters. Children are always delighted with food, unusual in shape. That is why it is right to use an edible alphabet to teach reading.
  4. Educational cartoons. Modern cinema offers a lot of children's cartoons that introduce kids to the alphabet or numbers. They can be used as a reinforcement of the learning outcome by playing such a cartoon for the child after the main lesson.

Common mistakes parents make

Sometimes parents who are little familiar with pedagogical methods try to teach a child of three to five years old the alphabet, but not only do they not achieve positive results, but also form a feeling of disgust for the entire educational process in general. This can happen if an adult systematically commits a series of mistakes:

  1. Overloads the kid with information when he simply cannot remember everything that the parent is trying to put into him. Not being able to accumulate the acquired knowledge, the child refuses to perceive it.
  2. Forces to learn the alphabet. Even an adult does not tolerate being forced to do something. Children who love freedom by nature always refuse to do what they are trying to impose on them.
  3. Shouts. Important to remember,that any negative affects the psyche of the child. Increased tone, irritation of adults, can frighten the baby, which will ruin the entire educational process.

Classes should be calm, relaxed, like a game. An adult should understand that the child is still small, it is difficult for him to perceive so much new information. You need to start a lesson in the morning or in the afternoon, but by no means late in the evening: in addition to transferring knowledge, parents should set themselves the goal of forming discipline, so you should not delay with the lesson until the night.

How to teach a child the alphabet : teaching techniques

To learn the alphabet with a baby, you need not only to have patience, respect for him, but also to be interested in the latest pedagogical teaching methods, which are updated every day with new ways of interacting with children.

One of these original techniques was developed by the teacher E. Bakhtina. It is based on the associative thinking of a person. The bottom line is that the baby must come up with his own associations for a particular letter: they can rely on its sound or, for example, its appearance. So, often when asked about the letter A, children form the association of a crying baby, and the letter D for them looks like a house.

Bakhtina's method is described in detail on the pages of her scientific works, therefore, if parents wish to teach the child the alphabet correctly, it is not difficult to use it.

You can also find other approaches to the educational process that suit the nature and type of thinking of the kid. The main thing to remember when wondering how to teach a child the alphabet: an adult should help the child, support, and not be a strict teacher who imposes knowledge.

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