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How to use lavender essential oil for strength and beauty of your hair

Lavender essential oil is truly a versatile product. It is successfully used in the perfumery and cosmetics industry, as well as a valuable ingredient in home care products. The main secret of effective use of lavender oil for hair is its high penetrating, moisturizing and nourishing properties.

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Features of lavender esters

How to use lavender essential oil for strength and beauty of your hair

Its beneficial effect on the condition of the hair is especially remarkable. It makes them firm, firm, supple and shiny, and soothes and heals the scalp. Women often use this product for diffuse alopecia (rapid hair loss), dry and oily seborrhea, dandruff and other common problems.

The method of obtaining lavender essential oil is steam distillation of the inflorescences of this fragrant plant. With this method of ether evaporation, the valuable properties of plant extracts are fully preserved.

This means that a small jar on your cosmetic shelf is a real elixir of health, strength and beauty of your hair.

According to statistics, women around the world spend several million US dollars daily on hair care products. We constantly spend time visiting beauty salons in order to carry out a dubious measure to strengthen hair, spend fabulous sums on regular and specific care programs, constantly strive to try expensive new products, thinking: well, this should definitely help ! .

But few of us think about the fact that caring nature has generously rewarded a person with everything necessary. Natural first aid kit , especially for hair, is inexpensive and incredibly effective. So why not try using natural ingredients to tidy up your curls?

Unlike the mass of base oils, this product does not grease the hair cuticle, but actively penetrates into its scales directly to the cortex, restoring, smoothing and strengthening the structure. That is why admirers of this oil have even invented such an interesting procedure as aroma combing of hair.

What is so special about lavender oil?

How to use lavender essential oil for strength and beauty of your hair

Lavender is known to almost everyone with a deepabout childhood. Its aroma is difficult to confuse with anything else - it is so specific, and at the same time bewitching. Mountain lavender, sung by poets and composers, has been famous for its healing properties for a long time.

The unique properties of this plant make it possible to use it even in official medicine and pharmacology. It contains a lot of useful and rare substances that are difficult to get anywhere else.

The popularity of using lavender oil for hair is due to its quick and impeccable beneficial effect on any, even the weakest and sorest curls.

And although this product began to enjoy success quite recently, it has already earned itself constant admirers and loyal fans due to its stunning effect. Lavender oil is the absolute record holder for the content of valuable and nutrients among all competing esters.

Take a look at the list of goodies contained in this product and judge for yourself:

How to use lavender essential oil for strength and beauty of your hair
  • Tannins;
  • Resins and bitterness;
  • Ursolic acid;
  • Butyric, valeric, nylon and acetic acids;
  • Camphor;
  • Linalool;
  • Geraniol;
  • Cineol;
  • Myrcene;
  • Nonanal;
  • Caryophyllene;
  • Nerol;
  • Bergamoten;
  • Alpha Terpineol.

And these are not all of the natural ingredients contained in lavender oil, making it especially rich and valuable.

If we talk about the general beneficial actions provided for the body by lavender oil, it is worth highlighting the following properties:

  1. Immunostimulating and immunomodulatory;
  2. Wound healing;
  3. Antiseptic and bactericidal;
  4. Normalizing local and peripheral circulation;
  5. Stimulating metabolism;
  6. Toning;
  7. Soothing;
  8. Antispasmodic.
How to use lavender essential oil for strength and beauty of your hair

This product is often used for inhalation for colds and influenza diseases.

People say that it works even more efficiently and quickly than inhalation with natural phytoncides - onions and garlic!

The use of lavender oil is relevant after stress, as well as in depressive and apathetic states.

Those who regularly practice aromatherapy with this product noticeably improve their psycho-emotional state, insomnia and headache disappear, and their mood improves.

Application of the product in the treatment and restoration of hair

And what is so remarkable about this broadcast in hair care? First of all, as we have already said, it has wound healing, stimulating and antifungal effects. Lavender essential oil perfectly heals the scalp from a wide variety of pathological phenomena, from seborrhea towilting fungal infections.

How to use lavender essential oil for strength and beauty of your hair

In addition, it has a beneficial effect on hair follicles, actively awakening and stimulating them. Thus, the effect of accelerated growth is achieved, which is especially important for girls who dream of a braid to the waist. Hair masks with lavender oil can make curls lively, manageable and shiny. Scalp massage with its application stimulates the bulbs, normalizes the water-salt balance, and regulates sebum secretion. The product gently and delicately moisturizes and nourishes the hair shaft and body, making it healthy and strong along its entire length.

Applying lavender essential oil for hair restoration is extremely easy. Traditionally, girls add it to a few drops of any caring base oil (olive, avocado, jojoba, macadamia, argan or grape seed). This nutrient mixture is used for aroma combing.

It is done with a wooden (!) comb with sparse teeth. Also, in the process of hair care, lavender oil is enriched with the usual shampoos, conditioners and creams for treating hair. To do this, a few drops of oil are added to a specific product immediately before use. Another favorite of many girls is the mask with the addition of funds. Rumor has it that it is able to restore even the most lifeless strands in just a few months of regular use.

Do not use this oil in its pure form - the concentration of active ingredients in it is too high. Allergy sufferers should also use it with caution: keep in mind that linalool, which is part of the product, can play a bad joke with you!

Two of the best lavender essential oil masks for hair

How to use lavender essential oil for strength and beauty of your hair
  1. Mask for diffuse alopecia (hair loss). To make it, you will need to heat 2 tablespoons. base vegetable oil in a steam bath. For this purpose, olive oil, jojoba, macadamia, grape seed, wheat germ or argan oil are suitable. Then, when the product is warmed up (make sure that it does not heat up too much, and even more so it does not boil!), Add 2 drops of peppermint essential oil and 5 drops of lavender essential oil to it. Stir the resulting mass thoroughly and apply to the scalp. Massage gently in a circular motion. Then create a greenhouse effect on the head with cling film and a warm towel. Wash off after 20-25 minutes with warm water and sulfate-free shampoo;
  2. Hair restoration mask. For this mask, you will need a base as the egg yolk. Stir it with 2 tablespoons. vegetable oil that suits you and your strands. Then add essential oils of rosewood and ylang ylang (2 drops each) and lavender (4 drops). Use your fingertips to massage gently along the length of the hair. Then wrap your head up and stand for half an hour. Rinse off curls with water and a less aggressive shampoo.

If you want to get rid of problems such as dandruff, itchy and flaky scalp, split and hair loss - lavender oil will come to your rescue and provide decent care for your hair.

Let your curls shine with strength, health and beauty!

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