Dr. Becker: How Do You Bathe Your Cats?

How to wash a cat: rules and recommendations for owners

Rare representatives of the cat family can boast of a love for water treatments. Although they are carried out quite rarely, they are still necessary to maintain the beautiful appearance and satisfactory health of the pet. In order for the bath procedures to bring you and the cat only one pleasure, you should thoroughly prepare for them, take into account all possible nuances and emergency situations.

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How to wash kitten?

Let's start with an answer to whether it is possible to wash a young cat, what is the best way to do it, and what products should be used.


How to wash a cat: rules and recommendations for owners
  • The first water procedure will be decisive, since it will form the animal's attitude to water as a whole. It should take place no earlier than 3-4 months, and until then, his mother-cat will be engaged in his hygiene. Again, if the baby is very dirty, it is permissible to wash him at the age of one month;
  • A sink should be used for bathing, not a huge bathtub, which can scare your pet. By the way, it is much easier to keep a kicking kitten in it;
  • Be sure to gently and quietly talk to the animal, stroke it, avoid getting water on the head. If you need to wash this particular part of the body, you can use a soft sponge;
  • It is necessary to wash a kitten only with a specific shampoo, the composition of which is focused on the type of its coat and the breed in general. If there is no such tool, it is permissible to use a children's analogue. Never purchase an animal wash product that combines conditioner and shampoo at the same time;
  • It is important to wash your pet's coat thoroughly, removing all soap residues. During bathing, you need to keep the water temperature at least +38, while in the bathroom it should not be lower than +15;
  • Be careful not to let the shampoo foam and water get into your baby's ears and eyes.

In a situation where the kitten has a hard time bathing, think about the need to purchase a special dry cleaner for cleaning animal hair.

Now about how often you can wash a young cat. In fact, this should only be done if it is heavily soiled, preparing for an exhibition or during treatment for fleas / skin parasites or diseases.

Bathing: sequence of actions

So, let's move on to how exactly the cat should be washed, regardless of its age:

How to wash a cat: rules and recommendations for owners
  • At the bottom of the bathtub or washstand, lay an unnecessary soft towel, cut the claws of the animal, and put rubber gloves on your hands;
  • Wool should not be soaked with a jet of water, but with a wet sponge. An adult pet can be bathed in a somewhat cool environment;
  • As we have already said, in the absence of a special product, you can wash the cat with ordinary baby shampoo, which is applied with delicate and massaging movements. If we are talking about purebred or show animals, then they need special care cosmetics;
  • The resulting foam is combed off with a brush, then the coat is washed with warm water from a ladle or mug, and the pet itself is blotted twice with dry towels;
  • Upon completion of the execution, be sure to treat the sufferer with his favorite treat.

Once again, we draw your attention to whether it is possible to wash your cat with ordinary human shampoo. No, this should never be done, it is better to use a baby product, but not with the mark 2 in 1 . By the way, after bathing, long-haired pets are allowed to dry with a hairdryer, but at a low temperature.

How often is it acceptable to bathe cats?

It is worth noting that most ordinary people do not even have a question as to whether it is necessary to wash a domestic cat at all . Things are much more complicated with pedigree and show pets that require regular care. But even in their cases, it is unacceptable to abuse water procedures, since adults themselves can maintain personal hygiene.

How to wash a cat: rules and recommendations for owners

In fact, a cat needs to be washed only once every 6 months, after walking in dirty places or in case of parasite infestation. A pregnant cat should not be exposed to such stress at all, it is better to wait until she gives birth and feeds her offspring.

And yet, the answer to the most common question when it is possible to fully wash a cat after castration is as follows: do it as late as possible.

Again, if it gets very dirty, use a damp towel or napkins. Veterinarians themselves recommend waiting at least 2 weeks from the moment of castration, and only then wet a completely healed and healthy suture.

Good advice

Owners of meowing pets should remember the following tips on how to wash their cat properly:

How to wash a cat: rules and recommendations for owners
  • Bathing is not worth it alone, as it is difficult for one to wash and hold the animal at the same time;
  • Before washing the cat, put water in a separate container. The fact is that the stream of water from the tap will scare him even more;
  • Never yell at pets being washed. They often need your calm and soothing tone, especially in such a stressful situation;
  • Be sure to thoroughly rinse the fur from the shampoo, as a cat that leaves the bathroom willwill definitely start to lick it;
  • Don't forget about what to wash your cat with if you don't have a special shampoo. Human cosmetics are poisonous for him in the literal sense of the word;
  • If there is oil pollution, it is necessary to grease them well with butter, and only then start bathing;
  • In a situation where the water procedure is aimed at getting rid of fleas and other insects, before washing, first wet the neck of the animal, and only then all of it;
  • A cat shivering from the cold must be warmed up in a towel or dried with a hairdryer, otherwise it can easily catch a cold.

Finally, I would like to say that a healthy and active animal is able to keep itself clean on its own, and there is no need for additional ablutions for a long time.

If you urgently need to bathe your cat, explore the modern selection of care cosmetics for such pets, and pay attention to dry shampoos. Their use is much easier for meowing pets.

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