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Launching the aquarium

If you decide to start an aquarium, the first thing you need to do is decide what capacity your aquatic world will have. Whether it will be a huge pond with exotic plants and fish, or a small pond with a couple of simple fish.

Launching the aquarium

As strange as it may sound, but a large aquarium of 100-200 liters is much easier to care for than a small 20-30 liter one. The preparation of the aquarium is very important, you need to find the right place for it. The plane on which it will stand must be flat, this is necessary for even distribution of water in the tank.

This is very important, as the glass may crack if the water is unevenly distributed

The location of the aquarium should be at least two meters from the window, sunlight should enter it for no more than two hours. You need to immediately think about equipment, such as: a compressor, a filter, a heating device, a thermostat, a siphon for cleaning the soil, a lamp for lighting, a net, sponges for cleaning the walls.

After you have decided on the size of your aquarium, you need to think about who to populate there. A lot depends on it! The care and maintenance of many fish is very different. For some, for example, such as gourami and laliusov, even a compressor is not needed, but for fishes, on the contrary, good filtration and aeration are necessary.
Thus, if you decide to have such unpretentious fish as: guppies, mollies, swordtails, then for an aquarium you will need a standard set, mainly consisting of a filter, a compressor and a net. But with such fish as measles and discus, you will have to purchase a heating device, since these individuals love warm water.

Launching the aquarium

Another important aspect in choosing the inhabitants of the aquarium is the individual characteristics of the fish. For example, labyrinth fish get along well in a tight pond with an oxygen deficiency, while scalars, on the contrary, require a lot of space, one scalar requires 50 liters of water.

There are some peculiarities in aquarium plants. Some plants require strong enough lamps.

As you decide on the inhabitants and plants of the aquarium, you can start it. Preparing water for an aquarium is a very important and time consuming process. Starting your aquarium correctly will help you create a beautiful and healthy aquatic world. In order for the water not to become cloudy and the fish not to die, it is necessary to start the aquarium in several stages. It is very important to create the right ecosystem in the aquarium, which is why, on average, an aquarium starts up within 1, -2 weeks. A quick start of the aquarium presents big problems in the future.

So, I will try to describe in detail how the first launch of the aquarium takes place:

Launching the aquarium
  • The aquarium needs to be rinsed well with baking soda, but in no case with the use of chemical cleaning agents, we put it on fastplace;
  • This is followed by the preparation of the substrate for the aquarium. We wash the soil well in running water, put it on the bottom of the aquarium;
  • Fill the aquarium with running water;
  • We connect the equipment: filters, compressor, water heater, and leave the aquarium for 5-7 days with filtration turned on. You don't need to turn on the lights!
  • After a week, the water should be clear, we plant the necessary plants, plant the snails and leave it for 5-7 days. Every day you need to turn on the lamp for 8 hours .;
  • After 5-7 days, you can add fish to the aquarium.

The first water change is made a month after the fish are planted. Water is drained in the amount of 1/4, 1/3, of the aquarium, and running water which has settled for 3-4 days is poured.

Here's a step-by-step aquarium start-up to help you make your aquatic world unique!

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