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Mono-diets, or what sacrifices beauty requires

Nowadays, almost all women want to lose weight, and it doesn't matter what the initial data of the fair sex, at least a couple of kilos she definitely wants to lose. Fortunately, parting with extra centimeters is not so difficult.

Mono-diets, or what sacrifices beauty requires

The main thing is not to overeat, eat healthy foods and exercise. This lifestyle contributes to smooth weight loss without harm to health. But what if you urgently need to get rid of a couple of three extra pounds?

Mono-diets are considered to be the most effective in terms of speed of getting rid of ballast . All kinds of mono-diets for 5 days, a week or two come to the rescue.

Fast mono diets

The easiest among mono-diets are three-day ones. For three days, you must eat one product. It can be kefir, buckwheat, brown rice, watermelon, apples, cucumbers, oatmeal and even chocolate.

Kefir mono-diet allows you to drink one and a half liters of low-fat kefir per day. The entire volume of the drink should be divided into 6 meals. Besides kefir, you can drink water without gas in unlimited quantities. Kefir perfectly cleanses the intestines, due to which a significant part of the weight is lost.

After a kefir diet, the body feels much lighter and more comfortable. However, it is quite difficult to hold out for three days on one kefir, therefore, beginners are recommended to try to do kefir fasting days for several weeks before starting a diet. If you are completely hungry on the mono diet, you are allowed to eat 500 grams of fruits or vegetables per day.

Buckwheat mono-diet is more satisfying, but no less effective. Buckwheat is also an excellent cleansing product. But unlike kefir, buckwheat grits better satisfy hunger, so it's much easier to sit on a buckwheat mono-diet.

For a diet, buckwheat must be properly cooked: in the evening, pour boiling water on the washed cereal at the rate of 1 part of buckwheat 2 glasses of water. Wrap the pan with a towel and leave to steam until morning. The whole next day, eat the resulting porridge without salt, oil, sugar. You can only add cloves, black pepper and bay leaves to the porridge when steaming.

Allowed drinks include water, green or herbal tea, and half a liter of kefir. It is worth noting that the buckwheat mono-diet can be followed for more than 3 days, for example, 5, 7, 10, if, of course, buckwheat is your favorite product.

Rice is one of the favorite mono-diets among nutritionists. Rice perfectly relieves the body, removing toxins and excess salt from it. The strict diet option involves eating empty rice, i.e. without salt and spices, for 1 to 3 days.

You can drink some apple cider vinegar with rice. If you really want to eat, you are allowed to have a snack with a couple of green sour apples.

There is also a seven-day rice mono diet. It is more gentle and tasty. In addition to rice, you can eat lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits. But no more than 200 grams per day. During the day, it is allowed to make fruit snacks, up to half a kilogram of fruit per day. Drinks are allowed water, tea, juices, herbal teas.

Weight loss on all fast mono-diets on average ranges from 2 to 5 kilograms, depending on the initial data, i.e. the more weight was before the diet, the more kilograms you will be able to lose.

Long-term mono-diets

Mono-diets, or what sacrifices beauty requires

A mono-diet for 3 days, unlike diets for 5, 7, 10 and 14 days, is tolerated quite comfortably, moreover, it is unlikely that it will be possible to earn serious consequences in such a short time. Especially if you choose your food system wisely, for example, do not eat apples if you have gastritis, but sit on buckwheat.

Long-term mono-diets are much harder to bear, many do not stand the monotony and break down. To prevent this from happening, it is better to choose a diet that does not consist of one product that must be consumed every day, but of different components. One of the most sparing mono diets is considered the 6 petal diet.

A mono-diet of 6 petals for 6 days is calculated.

These days you need to eat according to a certain scheme:

  • The first day is fishy. You can eat fish (500 g), steamed, in the oven, grilled, boiled. It is allowed to add some salt to the dish, as well as use fish broth and herbs;
  • On the second day, vegetables are on the menu (1.5 kg maximum). They can be boiled, stewed, eaten raw, salads can be prepared. Even potatoes are allowed, but preferably in a salad. You can add salt, spices, and herbs to your food. You can pamper yourself with vegetable juice such as carrot or tomato;
  • The third day of the mono-diet is the day of meat. Chicken breast (500 g), cooked in the oven, boiled, stewed is the only dish on the menu. True, you can also drink chicken broth and eat everything with herbs;
  • On the fourth day, you should stock up on cereals. Any porridge (only 200 g in dry form), boiled in water, is in honor today. In addition to cereals, you can enjoy seeds, sprouted grains, bran. It is recommended to drink water and, if desired, unsweetened kvass;
  • The fifth day is milky. You can eat 5% curd (500 g) and drink some milk;
  • The most delicious - the sixth day. Raw or baked fruit (1.5kg) is the staple of today's diet.

On the seventh day, you can relax a little and arrange a load, i.e. planned breakdown. It is worth pampering yourself a little and eating something forbidden. If the willpower and desire is enough for one more leap, you can repeat the diet from the beginning. Weight loss on this mono diet is 3 to 5 kilograms per week.

Margarita Koroleva's mono-diet is quite popular in our time. It lasts 9 days. For the first 3 days, you need to eat rice porridge. Rice (250 g) should be soaked in cold water in the evening and boiled in the morning. There is smallIn small portions every hour. Last meal until 7 pm

The next three days are chicken. Chicken (1 kg) should be boiled skinless and eaten all day.

In the last three days, you need to eat fresh or boiled vegetables. You are allowed to eat as many vegetables per day as fit in an 800 gram can.

Sugar, salt, seasonings, alcohol are prohibited during a diet. You can drink water and green tea until 17.00. If the thirst is unbearable in the evening, you can drink another glass of still water.

Mono-diets, or what sacrifices beauty requires

Similar to Margarita Koroleva's diet is a 10-day mono diet. It consists of 3 stages of 3 days, plus one more unloading kefir day. On a 10-day diet, in the first stage, you need to eat chicken, in the second - sweet and sour fruits (1.5 kg), in the third - low-calorie cheese (up to 300 g) and dry wine. End it all with a kefir day.

If it is very difficult to hold out for 10 days, you can try the 7-day diet. In this case, it is better to start on Monday.

Mono-diet for 7 days can have the following menu:

  • Monday: one type of fruit - 1 kg;
  • Tuesday: skinless chicken fillet - 500 g;
  • Wednesday: some vegetable - 1 kg;
  • Thursday: marrow, stewed or boiled - 1 pc .;
  • Friday: cottage cheese - 500 g, milk - 1 l;
  • Saturday: oatmeal - 300 g (meaning cereals);
  • Sunday: watermelon or melon - 1 kg.

All mono diets are designed for fast weight loss. It is recommended to use them no more than once a month or two, so as not to harm your own health. It is also necessary to leave mono-diets gradually, eating mainly low-calorie, balanced food.

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