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Proper nutrition for weight loss, what should be the diet?

Women who want to have a slender figure often choose rigid diets in which they need to chew one carrot, hoping that such torment will give the desired result. Of course, if before that they ate one fast food, then the chosen method of weight loss will help get rid of extra pounds, but then what?

The diet is over, the beauties are returning to their usual fatty, sweet and unhealthy food, the fat comes back . So they will go around in circles until they understand that something needs to be changed.

To get rid of excess weight, it is very important to switch to a healthy diet, not for a week, month or three, but forever. This will allow you not only to maintain a slim figure, but also good spirits, energy and beauty for many years. And do not think that the diet of the right nutrition for weight loss is something unedible and monotonous. Such a menu is tastier and more interesting than many diets, it is only important to grasp the essence of its composition.

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Rules for the preparation of a healthy diet

If you listen to experienced nutritionists, there is not a single nutritional system that can help all overweight people with one hundred percent results. Experts say that in order to achieve the desired weight loss, a person must consult a doctor to develop an individual diet and menu. On the one hand, such statements are true, but on the other hand, there are some universal tips that can help those who want to create a healthy food menu on their own.

The recommendations are as follows:

Proper nutrition for weight loss, what should be the diet?
  • keep track of the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in your menu. The ratio should be 1: 1: 4. The presence of a large amount of carbohydrates in the diet is due to the fact that we need energy for normal life, and we will receive them from such products. But remember that the foundation of a healthy diet is eating right. That is, carbohydrates should be taken not from sweets, sugar and muffins, but from products such as buckwheat, rye bread, rice, moreover, brown and wild;
  • fiber should be present in the daily menu to aid digestion and normal bowel function. It can be found in vegetables, fruits, seeds, whole grain breads;
  • it is important to properly distribute food calories between each meal. With three meals a day, the following distribution is recommended: 25-30% (of the daily requirement forlory) - breakfast, lunch - 50%; dinner - 20-25%. With five meals a day (recommended by most nutritionists), the percentages will change slightly, but in any case, the last meals should be low in calories, otherwise weight loss will not work;
  • it is worth teaching yourself to drink clean water, it is good;
  • remove from the diet completely or minimize the use of sugar and salt. These additives not only negatively affect the figure, but also affect the condition of the skin, teeth and general well-being;
  • it is forbidden to completely remove healthy fats from the diet. When minimizing them, there is a risk of depriving your body of the building material for creating new cells. This is due to the fact that some vitamins will simply stop being absorbed;
  • indulge in fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat them both raw and add them to various dishes: casseroles, stews, cereals, etc .;
  • try to minimize the amount of alcohol you drink if you can't completely stop drinking it.

Healthy diet guidelines for weight loss

The tips above are great for women who want to keep fit and healthy for years to come. Those ladies who dream of getting rid of excess weight and are looking for an answer to the question of how to properly formulate a diet for weight loss should remember that their body with food should receive fewer calories than consumed in the process of life. Such a deficiency allows you to get rid of the hated fat, but remember, the diet must be balanced.

In the process of losing weight, you should follow some simple recommendations:

Proper nutrition for weight loss, what should be the diet?
  • during the period of active weight loss with the use of extremely useful products, you are unlikely to be able to give the body all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the reception of additional pharmacy complexes is required;
  • even those who are very overweight cannot completely remove carbohydrates from their diet, since such products give the necessary boost of vivacity and satiety. Therefore, eat complex carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch. This will help you not to feel the oppressive feeling of hunger;
  • those who are actively involved in sports should not give up protein foods. You can eat lean meats: chicken, beef, turkey, etc., fish, seafood, dairy products with a minimum percentage of fat content, proteins from chicken eggs, etc .;
  • shouldn't be removed from the menu entirely. They must be present, but in a minimum quantity: no more than 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil or 30 g of nuts per day;
  • don't forget about fiber too. Train yourself to eat at least 300 g of vegetables and about the same amount of fruit every day. Moreover, the fruit should be savory. If you really want to eat some grapes, banana or mango, then sin with these products until 14.00. But such concessions shouldus to be singular;
  • if you really want something sweet, then 1 wedge of dark dark chocolate or a few dates are perfectly acceptable;
  • When composing your diet for weight loss, try to make it varied. Eating the same dishes and products from day to day will quickly get bored and hardly saturate the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Therefore, experiment with cooking methods: stew, boil, bake, add natural herbs to food for taste and aroma. In general, cook deliciously;
  • remember to keep track of the portion size. Weighing is not always convenient, so you can navigate like this: a normal portion of meat or fish will be the size of your palm. A portion of porridge is your fist; vegetables and fruits you can eat 2 fists. Bread is allowed 2 thin pieces, cottage cheese - a pack of 180 g, milk and other fermented milk products - 200 ml.

Diet for losing weight for one day

Proper nutrition for weight loss, what should be the diet?

Based on the advice given above, let's try to put together a menu for one day for those who strive for slimness.

So, breakfast. As the first meal, choose oatmeal, it is better to cook it in water, and only then, if desired, add milk, 1 fruit: an apple or a pear. As a drink, coffee with milk. After 2.5 hours, you can have a snack. It can be 200 ml of kefir and 2 favorite fruits.

It is important to have a good meal for lunch. So eat the steamed fish with 1 medium baked potato and 1 teaspoon vegetable salad with vegetable oil.

Arrange the next snack in the form of a salad of fresh mashed carrots with the addition of cream in 2.5 hours.

For dinner, cook skinless chicken breast with steamed broccoli.

If you grasp the essence of such a menu, then it will not be difficult for you to create your own diet for losing weight for the whole week and even a month.

If it will be difficult for you to constantly eat according to a strict list, then you can arrange for yourself, for example, once every 2 weeks lunch or breakfast with dishes that you like, but do not eat because of weight loss ... A trick like this will help you stay on target and get to your ideal weight. And remember, getting rid of fat can be delicious and healthy. The main thing is to put in a little effort. Good luck!

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