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Should the desire for sex be satisfied during pregnancy?

It is unlikely that many women will confess, but many of them resort to masturbation during pregnancy, ashamed of it, but still return to the shameful occupation. Why?

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Harm or benefit?

The amount of female hormone production at this time increases, and - naturally - sexual fantasies appear and specific desires arise.

Should the desire for sex be satisfied during pregnancy?

In the early stages, the partner can meet the needs, but if the pregnancy is not very successful, penetration can cause dangerous problems - provoke a miscarriage.

In the later stages, men are already afraid to harm the baby and show delicacy. Dissatisfaction can cause psychological problems, so masturbation during pregnancy is the only way out.

Is it possible to masturbate during pregnancy and will the procedure harm the unborn baby?

For the psychological comfort of a woman, sexual satisfaction is extremely important - a state in which sexual energy does not find a way out, causes tension, can provoke: insomnia, headaches, mood swings, which are extremely unstable during gestation.

But you can masturbate only in cases where there are no medical contraindications. This approach brings a smile - it is unlikely that women notify the doctor when talking about such activities.

Pregnant women may be silent, but gynecologists - when pregnancy proceeds with complications - always warn that any sudden movement, stress or increased load can provoke uterine hypertonicity. Since orgasm always causes tone - not only of smooth muscles, but also of blood vessels - a woman should take into account such reactions of the body and give up sensual pleasure, at least for a while, until the condition stabilizes.

Should the desire for sex be satisfied during pregnancy?

The greatest danger lies in wait for a woman in the early stages of pregnancy, until the embryo qualitatively is attached to the wall of the uterus. From week 12, the condition usually stabilizes. If the doctor prescribed sexual rest, then to the question - is it possible to masturbate in the early stages of pregnancy - the answer is clear: NO! . If the state has stabilized, and penetration causes discomfort or moral distress - absolutely recently, concern for the state of the fetus prevailed over other feelings and emotions - then you can give yourself pleasant sensations.

Of course, if the body requires it.Dissatisfaction and desire for sex in the absence of it leads to congestion in the pelvic area, which impedes blood flow, and, accordingly, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus is difficult.

Some women from the first days of pregnancy are attuned to the child, and no longer think about sensual pleasures. They do not need to force themselves to masturbate - all the undesirable consequences of lack of satisfaction originate in the brain and only then are delivered impulses to the corresponding organ. Women who did not want sex did not masturbate during pregnancy, and there were no negative consequences from this.

Self-satisfaction during pregnancy

During pregnancy, with self-satisfaction, you should take into account your own condition and abandon bold actions and experiments.

How is the process going?

Should the desire for sex be satisfied during pregnancy?

First, the growing excitement - then discharge, during which the uterus temporarily comes to tone and its muscles spasm several times. To prevent these spasms from causing contractions, you should protect yourself in advance. You should give yourself pleasure while lying on your right side, without overusing clitoral stimulation. Due to the increased load on the cardiovascular system, blood flow is increased, the labia is a little swollen and extremely sensitive, so you can act directly on them.

For a while, you should forget about sexual toys created for penetration, or enter them shallowly. It is very important to learn how to properly overcome a post-orgasmic attack, which causes short-term pulling sensations and tension in the very lower abdomen, near the womb. Until the tension passes, you cannot get up - you need to relax as much as possible and lie on your right side, raising your right hand. If a woman is in the third trimester - closer to the 39th week - in no case should she roll onto her back after sexual satisfaction.

At this time, doctors generally do not recommend lying on your back because of the high pressure on the inferior vena cava; after orgasm, the vessels must be unloaded as much as possible. Do not overuse sensual pleasures: the recommended frequency is once a week. It's especially important to be careful early on.

What is the hidden risk?

Should the desire for sex be satisfied during pregnancy?

Disputes about the benefits or dangers of masturbation at 39 weeks gestation are ongoing among doctors and ordinary people. Some obstetricians even send their patients home from the hospital for the night, have sex with their husbands so that the childbirth is more successful, or hint at them to solve the problem on their own. They believe that orgasm helps to open the cervix, stimulate stable contractions and accelerate labor.

There is an opinion among ordinary people that after sex it is easier to give birth - contractions are less painful.

But there is another opinion: that any touch of the genitalsam at a later date is the risk of infection. The cervix is ​​shortened, hands and auxiliary objects are never sterile, which means that the pathogenic flora will easily penetrate into the uterus and an unborn baby will be rewarded with an infection - staphylococci or streptococci. This will make childbirth more difficult, in the future the newborn will have to be treated. How many doctors - so many opinions.

So it is up to the woman to decide whether to masturbate after conception or not.

But we can still say that if self-satisfaction passes with certain restrictions, then it will not adversely affect pregnancy.


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