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The use of Rhodiola rosea to restore the body

Medicinal plants have always played an important role in the life of mankind. Today, many recipes are known that have a positive effect on the body and do not have the side effects that medications do, even with minor contraindications. Let's take a look at what Rhodiola rosea, golden root is, and how to use it correctly.

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Botanical characteristics of Rhodiola

Rhodiola rosea is a plant that has a powerful root and grows for several years. The stems have cupped leaves, and on their tops there are inflorescences of medium-sized yellow flowers. This plant is popularly called the golden root. The fruits ripen in the last month of summer. The name comes from the specific shade that can be seen after breaking the rhizome.

Planting and harvesting

The use of Rhodiola rosea to restore the body

Most often, seeds are sown in the spring after they have been kept in wet sand at above-zero temperatures for a month. Planting is carried out in pre-prepared containers, which must be covered with foil until good shoots appear. After that, the canopy is removed for good lighting and aeration of the soil.

Seedlings are planted in the ground only at the beginning of summer; for full growth, the distance between plants must be 15 cm.

Caring for this plant does not require any additional knowledge or skills. In most cases, the first flowering is possible only in the third year of life. These plants propagate by seeds or by dividing the roots. As you can see, planting and caring for Rhodiola rosea does not take much time.

The roots are harvested as follows: at the end of summer they are dug up, thoroughly washed from the ground, and then cleaned of brown plugs and rotten roots. Before drying, the roots are cut into pieces up to 15 cm long. They are dried at a temperature of at least 60 degrees. It is recommended to store in a rag bag for more than 3 years.

Medicinal qualities and contraindications of Rhodiola

Due to the content in the composition of a large amount of nutrients, Rhodiola treats many different diseases. It is often used for the following diseases: diarrhea, scurvy, gout, diabetes mellitus, headaches, and menorrhagia. Tinctures are used for the external treatment of abscesses, rashes, and even conjunctivitis. Preparations based on this plant help with male and female diseases, as well as anemia.

The rhizome isI have a lot of tannins, organic acids, essential oils, sugar, proteins, fat, glycosides and manganese. The medicinal properties help soothe, relieve fatigue and suppress depressive disorders. In addition, this plant enhances the body's resistance.

Rhodiola also has the following results:

The use of Rhodiola rosea to restore the body
  • stimulating performance;
  • improving heart function and normalizing blood pressure;
  • aids in the elimination of bile and improves other bodily functions;
  • stops bleeding and restores general strength after overwork;
  • helps to tone and calm the body as a whole;
  • leads to a decrease in body temperature and a decrease in allergic reactions;
  • improves visual acuity and hearing;
  • helps with tuberculosis and other types of cough;
  • is used as a common stimulant for the nervous system.

Like any other healing plant, Rhodiola has its own contraindications for use: with individual intolerance, if the patient's age is up to 12 years; with a strong hypertensive crisis; during pregnancy and lactation; for nervous diseases with pronounced symptoms.

As can be seen from the above information, knowing all the medicinal properties and also contraindications of Rhodiola rosea, it is possible to use it without any problems.

Instructions for use and recipes

For the treatment of various diseases, various forms are used, containing rhodiola. Today in the pharmacy you can buy a composition based on golden root - this is a liquid extract. It is most often used for fatigue, asthenia and neurasthenic conditions.

To normalize the state of the body, it is enough to use 5 drops per day. Treatment should continue for up to 20 days. As you can see, the instructions for using the usual Rhodiola rosea are quite simple. We offer you to get acquainted with several proven recipes that have been used in traditional medicine for a long time.

  • Recipe 1 - tincture from golden root for hypertension


  1. Rhodiola root - 50 g;
  2. vodka - 500 ml.

Preparation and application: the root is crushed to a powder state and poured with liquid. Insist 17 days in a dark place, sometimes stirring. After the time has elapsed, thoroughly filter and take 35 drops a couple of times a day for 40 minutes. before meals. The course of treatment is 3 weeks, and then it is recommended to take a break.

  • Recipe 2 - Tincture for colds


The use of Rhodiola rosea to restore the body
  1. Rhodiola root - 10 g;
  2. water - 250 ml.

Preparation and use: the instructions for making the tincture are quite simple. TOoren are crushed to a powder and poured with water. Leave for 4 hours and filter. Take 0.6 cups a couple of times a day. Also, this tool can be used as a lotion. As you can see, the instructions for using this tincture of Rhodiola rosea do not require any serious manipulations.

  • Recipe 3 - collection to restore the body


  1. Rhodiola root - 25 g;
  2. rosehip - 25 g;
  3. hawthorn - 20 g;
  4. nettle - 20 g;
  5. St. John's wort - 15 g;
  6. water - 500 ml.

Preparation and application: combine all dry ingredients with each other, while golden root and the fruits are pre-crushed to a powder state. To obtain the required composition, take 2 teaspoons of dry collection and cover them with 250 ml of boiling water. Mix thoroughly, put on fire, leave for 10 minutes. Insist 4 hours, and then filter. The remaining liquid is added to the resulting composition. The ready-made collection is taken a couple of times a day, 80 ml each intake.

The use of Rhodiola rosea to restore the body
  • Recipe 4 - Tea

This drink can easily replace regular tea. To obtain the desired composition, 2 teaspoons of chopped rhizomes are enough to pour 2.5 liters of boiling water and leave for about an hour. You can drink no more than 6 cups of this drink per day. If desired, you can add a spoonful of honey or a slice of lemon to the tea. This drink is recommended for minor disturbances or in an agitated state.

Today the popularity of Rhodiola due to its medicinal properties is constantly growing.

The main thing is to adhere to all instructions and rules of use, and then a positive result will be visible in a few days.

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