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Unusual oolong tea

If you like both black and green tea, then perhaps you should try oolong tea, which incorporates the flavor of these two products ... This type of tea is also called turquoise because of the absolutely stunning shade that is obtained when brewing.

Unusual oolong tea

It is interesting to know that for greater fermentation, the leaves are laid out in the sun for 40 minutes, and then collected in a large bamboo basket and placed in a dark place. There they remain until the edges of each leaf turn brown.

The fermentation process is interrupted by hot air treatment. This is how this amazing product that you can find on store shelves today turns out.

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Variety of species

Now let's find out what sorts of this amazing drink are :

  • Tie Guanin. This species is distinguished by an extraordinary honey and floral aroma, which gives the drink a touch of originality. An interesting fact is the assertion of the masters of the tea ceremony that if you smell the cup after drinking its contents, then you will be able to appreciate the multifaceted aroma of this drink much more clearly;
  • Huang Jin Gui. This variety has a persistent and harsh aroma that will definitely resonate in your soul;
  • Dong Ding Oolong. And this variety differs from the rest with its floral-fruity shades in taste and aroma. So if you like this fruity boom, then you should pay attention to it.

True connoisseurs say that drinking green oolong tea can not only bring incomparable pleasure, but also help improve your health. The benefits of such a drink are due to a completely unique composition, which includes not only various vitamin complexes, but also contains essential oils and other equally useful components.

Green Milk Oolong Tea

This type of tea differs from the usual one in its incomparable milk taste. Some people claim that this trait is the result of soaking the leaves in milk. But we hasten to assure you that taste has nothing to do with such steeping.

It's all about aromatization, there are only two known ways of it. According to the first method, the leaves begin to process while they are growing on the bush. Their systemsfertilized with a solution of sugar cane, the roots are watered with instant milk, and the whole bush is also sprinkled with special rice husks.

This method is more efficient, but very expensive. Therefore, they often resort to the second method of processing, when already dried leaves are treated with milk extract.

List of properties of oolong tea

According to the latest sales trends, milk oolong tea is becoming more and more popular. And it's not always a matter of taste, since it is quite specific and will appeal only to fans of exotic.

The reason for its popularity is also an amazing health effect, the appearance of which is inevitable with constant use of this drink.

Unusual oolong tea

As it turned out, this tea has a miraculous effect on the body. For example, it will definitely be useful for those who passionately want to get rid of extra pounds. The fat burning effect is caused by some of the cleansing properties of the product, which, in turn, lead to the removal of a huge amount of toxins from the body.

That is, you get rid not only of excess weight, but also of unnecessary substances in the body, which after a while can bring significant harm to it.

Also, the ancient Chinese argued that the constant use of this drink can be the strongest prevention of the occurrence of various tumors, including malignant ones. Of course, if you still have a similar trouble in your family, you should first of all run to the doctor, and not to the pharmacy for tea.

But you can use it as an additional vitamin complex during intensive treatment. Such a drink will not only improve the effectiveness of treatment, but also support the body as a whole.

As you can see, the vitamin properties of milk oolong tea have a huge positive effect on the entire body. So if you want to prevent a variety of diseases, then you may well use this product, since the benefits of milk oolong tea are invaluable.

Slimming oolong tea

Judging by numerous scientific studies, it can be said with firmness that drinking Chinese milk oolong tea is a great opportunity to get rid of excess weight.

According to American scientists, people who consume this type of green tea during intense physical activity burn such an amount of calories, which is two to three times higher than the results of regular exercise.

Based on other studies, scientists also claim that women who consume a cup of oolong tea before each meal burn many more calories in their normal daily activities than those who drink water.

So if you want to get rid of a few extra pounds, then the amazing properties of this Chinese drink will help you in this difficult matter.

How to brew milkoolong tea

Before you start brewing tea, you still need to choose it. How to identify real Chinese tea among the huge number of counterfeits? First of all, read carefully what is written on the packaging.

And it is better, before going to the store, look on the Internet with which numbers the barcode should begin. Then you definitely won't be mistaken and buy an original drink.

Another tip: when choosing a tea, you should pay attention not only to the manufacturer, but also to the variety. If your medical record contains a diagnosis related to blood vessels or heart disease, then it is better to give preference to regular oolong tea.

But if you urgently need to wake up and hurry to work, then the dairy variety is for you. Not only will it have a tonic effect on the entire body, but it will also help you think faster and better throughout the day.

Unusual oolong tea

Before you start brewing a drink, you need to prepare the water. It is desirable that it be filtered and a little settled. You should also remember to boil the water before drinking. If you observe these three conditions regarding water, then the tea will taste amazing.

Now we put 5 grams of tea in a special teapot and pour 500 grams of water. Attention! The water should not be hotter than 80 degrees, otherwise all the originality of the taste will be lost. You need to brew the drink no more than 2 minutes. Then you pour the tea leaves into mugs and enjoy the unique taste.

Do not rush to throw away the leaves immediately after the first infusion. According to Chinese recipes, they can be brewed up to five times. At the same time, absolutely no useful properties of the drink disappear.

So, we got acquainted with several types of oolong tea, and also studied one of the ways to brew it.

I would like to add that since the benefits of tea are already proven, then its use is mandatory for most people if they want to maintain their body in excellent condition. So drink oolong tea and don't get sick!

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