We sew ourselves: we make a dress pattern with an open back

Most women in their daily life choose jeans and trousers as their clothing. This is not surprising, such outfits do not hinder movement and are comfortable. But at the festive celebration, every lady wants to shine and here you can't do without an elegant dress.

Long and short dresses with an open back look very seductive and piquant. If you know how to sew at least a little, you can easily create a magnificent outfit yourself, the main thing is to find a successful pattern.

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Getting started

We sew ourselves: we make a dress pattern with an open back

To sew an open-back or short floor-length evening dress, the first step is to take measurements. You need to know your hips, chest and waist. By the way, the presented pattern will allow you to create a dress like the famous Marilyn Monroe.

Let's assume that we are sewing an outfit for a lady with a height of 168 cm with a 48 Russian size. The parameters of the beauty will be as follows: chest girth - 96 cm; waist - 78; hips - 104. Please note that the dress pattern with an open back is given without seam allowances.

Choose a fabric for the product that is lightweight, in which there are elastic fibers, for example, silk, chiffon, etc.

Open backs on dresses for a summer party look very elegant and sophisticated. Such dresses emphasize the beauty of the figure and make ladies real stars . For those who want to stand out from the crowd, we recommend making a dress in two matching fabric shades. For example, make the back and the central part of the dark mother, and the skirt and the upper part of the shelf - from the light one.

You can combine the fabric in some other way, for example, focusing on the chest. Choose the length of the dress at your discretion. The model will look great in a short version and a floor length.

As mentioned above, you need to take the elastic fabric, but if your choice fell on a fabric that does not stretch too well, then you will need to make a middle seam on the back. This will allow to fit the garment to fit.

Don't forget about the lining of the dress. Flizilin is perfect for this purpose.

Negotiating cutting

So, if you decide to sew a beautiful outfit yourself, then you need to prepare all the necessary details.

Cut from the main fabric:

  • the top of the shelf - 2 pieces;
  • the bottom of the shelf - 1 piece with a fold;
  • backrest - 1 piece with a fold;
  • skirt - 2 pieces with a fold;
  • back strap - 1 piece with a fold;
  • neck trimmingshelf and armhole ins - 2 details;
  • backstitching - 1 piece with a fold.
We sew ourselves: we make a dress pattern with an open back

When all the parts of the base fabric are prepared, you need to cut out the parts from the lining fabric. From a non-woven fabric or something else, cut out 2 pieces for laying the neckline of the front and armholes, 1 piece for laying the facing for the neckline of the back and 1 piece for the back strap.

When cutting out blanks, do not forget to allow 1.5 cm on the seams, 1 cm is enough in the neck and armhole sections, but at the bottom of the bodice, make an allowance of 3 cm.When cutting out the lining, you need to work so that it can go under the seam stitching by 0.3 cm.

If desired, you can duplicate fastening allowances from the lining.

Moving on to the manufacturing process

When all the details are cut and prepared, you can start assembling the outfit.

We sew ourselves: we make a dress pattern with an open back
  • Glue non-woven blanks to similar pieces of base fabric.
  • Next, you need to work on the typewriter. Take the top of the shelf and sew a coarse stitch on it. Then, carefully pull the thread together to create a neat gather.
  • Sweep away parts of the shelf.
  • Now sew these parts together, overcast and press the seams up.
  • Leave the left side seam under the zipper and sew on the right side. Neaten, iron on allowances.
  • Then sew the middle seam on the straps and do the same on the hem of the neckline and armhole.
  • Sew, twist and iron the back strap.
  • To finish the neckline, fold the overcast neckline (they should face inward) and the front pieces. Secure the parts with needles, sew.
  • Notch the allowances very carefully. Then turn the piping inside out and iron it.
  • Sew the side seams of the skirt, leaving an open area for the zipper.
  • To match the skirt and bodice, fold the pieces with the wrong side, while aligning the seams on the details. Lock the pieces and sew. Neaten and press on the allowances.
  • Sew the zipper into the left side seam.
  • Now we need to process the cuts of the armhole. To do this, carefully pin the back strap to the middle seam of the strap-loop. From above, everything is covered with a prepared facing, the parts are folded facing each other, chipped and stitched. Then you should make notches in the places of curvature, turn out, iron.
  • The same should be done with the upper backrest.
  • Next, you need to hem the seam allowances to the zipper.
  • We process the bottom of the skirt: bend it, fix it with needles, sew it on a typewriter.

So you've got a wonderful outfit. If you wish, you can always add a touch of individuality to it: decorate the back or hem.

Don't be afraid to be creative. Sew your own trendy, stylish evening dresses. Surprise yourself and others with exquisite outfitsand enjoy life. Good luck!


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