Goji Berry Benefits | How and Why I Eat Them

What are the benefits of overseas goji berries?

Goji berries are considered one of the most valuable and useful medicinal plants in the world. They contain a large number of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc and other components necessary for the body. They grow in the fertile valleys of the Himalayas.

It is impossible to overestimate the healing properties of these berries. In addition, scientists recently proved that berries contain a substance that helps get rid of cancer cells. It has been proven that people who constantly eat them are less likely to get sick not only from cancer, but also from diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. In addition, tea made from them has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels.

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Other names for the fruits are red diamond and berry of happiness , according to Chinese legend, they bring youth. They resemble raisins in color and texture, grow in China (Ningxia Hui province). They have been cultivated for more than five thousand years. And only in the last ten years they began to gain popularity, first in America, then in Europe, and more recently they appeared in Russia.

The composition of useful goji berries is as follows:

What are the benefits of overseas goji berries?
  • four unique polysaccharides;
  • 21 minerals;
  • six monosaccharides;
  • six carotenoids;
  • betacarotene;
  • vitamins C, B, E;
  • 18 amino acids you won't find anymore in plant foods;
  • five unsaturated fatty acids;
  • selenium and germanium, which prevent the formation of cancerous tumors;
  • Physalin is a potent anticarcinogen and an assistant in the fight against leukemia.

Just think: there are almost 150 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams of goji, and in lemon in the same weight - 53 mg. It turns out that half of a lemon can be replaced with the fruit of these fruits. However, few people will eat lemon in such quantities because of its acidity, but goji can be eaten easily, they have a sweetish taste.

What are goji berries good for?

They are often recommended for patients with various health problems, because they have a number of medicinal properties of a wide spectrum.

If you use them regularly, you will be able to achieve the following results:

  • improved mood and successful victory in the fight against depression;
  • drope weight;
  • increase libido in women and potency in men;
  • improving metabolism;
  • slowing down the aging process of the body;
  • nutrition of brain cells;
  • maintaining muscle tone;
  • improving skin condition;
  • increased melatonin levels;
  • headache relief;
  • stabilization of kidney function;
  • improvement of vision;
  • strengthening sleep, getting rid of insomnia;
  • elimination of the unpleasant consequences of menopause;
  • increase stamina and recuperation;
  • prevention of colds;
  • uterine nutrition;
  • male infertility treatment;
  • ensuring protein metabolism;
  • lowering blood sugar.

Due to all of the above properties of fruits, they have become very popular among people of different circles, countries and specialties.

What are the benefits of overseas goji berries?

For example, athletes use them to quickly recuperate, and Hollywood stars make tea with them - because of their anti-aging properties.

In addition, the plant, as we said, has an antitumor effect associated with the presence of thiocyanates and glycosinolates in its composition.

These substances bind toxins and carcinogens in the liver, which prevents the development of prostate cancer. This property is especially important for those who live in unfavorable environmental conditions.

Berries are also able to stabilize hormonal imbalances, restore urinary functions, have a tonic effect, improve the nervous system and perform other beneficial functions for your health.

Still, it is worth noting that the plant has gained the greatest popularity due to its properties to affect body weight.

How to take goji berries to lose weight?

Most often they recommend drinking tea with them.

If you eat them regularly, you will lose those extra pounds thanks to the following properties:

  • improving metabolism and blood circulation;
  • lowering the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  • normalization of blood sugar levels.

In addition, people who are advised to regularly drink tea with these fruits have shown an improvement in metabolism, which is achieved due to the high content of antioxidants in dried berries.

As you know, antioxidants can accelerate the breakdown of fat cells, as well as provide the entire body with a supply of energy and strength. Thanks to this property, a person not only loses weight, but also becomes more resilient. Therefore, experts recommend doing physical activity in parallel with the use of goji berries.

Research by scientists has shown that a diet based on food with a lot of antioxidants has the most beneficial effect on the process of losing weight. And it is this product that is leading in the amount of antioxidants from all foods consumed. FROMJust compare: goji contains a quarter more antioxidants than blueberries, 2 times more than pomegranate and 10 times (!) more than blueberries and strawberries.

As you already understood, regularly consuming healthy goji tea, you can achieve significant and, most importantly, stable weight loss. If you compare with other diets, then in many of them kilograms go away only in the first days or weeks. With these fruits, the weight will decrease as long as you take them. But you will not only achieve an ideal figure, you will also saturate the body with useful substances, which means you will improve your health.

What are the benefits of overseas goji berries?

Experts say that you need to add up to about 30 grams of fruit for breakfast and dinner. This amount will be enough to stimulate the process of losing weight.

I would also like to note that the use of goji does not cause any discomfort. They have a pleasant sweet and sour taste and are similar in chewing texture to the raisins we are used to. Therefore, you will be happy to take this product for food! However, this product has not only beneficial properties, but also contraindications, which we will discuss below.

You can add dried berries to various dishes, changing their usual taste and thereby diversifying the diet. This can be fruit salads, soups, rice, tea, etc.

Having made the decision to lose weight with this plant, you can add goji to your usual dishes, or switch to an already prescribed diet using berries. Those who have already tried this method of shedding extra pounds on themselves, note that goji themselves have a beneficial effect on weight loss, so you do not need to additionally torment your body with strict diets.


Do not think that this plant is a panacea for all diseases for absolutely all people. Not everyone can eat them, because they have their own contraindications.

First of all, there are contraindications for nursing and pregnant women. In some cases, they can also cause bloating and upset stomach, which means that people with weak goji gut can be harmful. The product contributes to the development of allergies to yellow, orange and red foods, therefore, it is a contraindication for allergy sufferers.

Hypertensive patients can also be harmful, because they tend to increase the side effects of the pills prescribed for hypertension.

Goji is also contraindicated for children under three years old.

What are the grounds for contraindications? On the one hand, goji is a plant product, which means it is 100% natural and healthy. Plus, they contain so many multivitamins that are beneficial for pregnant women. But it's not a secret for anyone that pregnant women and children under three years old are recommended to eat only those vegetables and fruits that grow in their region. During this period, any exotic foods can harm you. And the child in the womb stillvery weak, and it is not known how he will react to the overseas fetus.

The same can be said about nursing mothers. All foods you eat end up in milk and then into the newborn's body. In this regard, do not rush to feed the child with milk and berry mixture. It can harm the baby.

Be careful!

We would like to warn you about some of the side effects that may occur when eating low-quality berries:

What are the benefits of overseas goji berries?
  1. Insomnia. She, of course, will not do much harm to the body, but it will cause discomfort. Avoid eating berries for dinner. They can invigorate and energize before bed. So save your goji for breakfast;
  2. Stomach pains. Here the problem may lie not only in the weak intestines, but also in the poor quality of the berries, because they add a preservative - E-220. This substance causes stomach pain, upset, and nausea. Do not buy fruits if this preservative is indicated on the package.

We advise against buying cheap analogs of this plant grown in Spain.

They are often of poor quality and can do more harm than good. Be careful and saturate your body with only healthy and high-quality foods!


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