How to Open a Dispute and Claim a Refund on Aliexpress

What does a dispute on aliexpress give? is a popular Chinese site. The demand for the resource is explained by a huge selection of products and low prices. This combination attracts buyers. But sometimes the customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the product or decided to postpone the purchase.

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Why do I need a dispute on aliexpress

What does a dispute on aliexpress give?

Every customer on aliexpress is protected by the Escrow program, which regulates the eligibility of commercial transactions. Therefore, in case of violation of the agreement, the buyer gets the right to start a dispute with aliexpress in order to return the money.

The most common reason for a dispute is a violation of delivery times or poor quality of the product received.

It should be noted that the opposing party receives payment only after receiving confirmation from the buyer or the expiration of the order protection period. Therefore, it is useless to write to the seller, a person cannot return the money and cancel the order, since he has not yet been paid for. The only option for the buyer to protect their rights is to dispute.

It should be said that the site pages have long been Russified, which greatly facilitates the situation.

How to open a dispute on aliexpress: sequence of actions

To ensure a refund, you must strictly follow the instructions:

  • Having made a decision to start a dispute, you need to open an order and in the field opposite the product press the button with the inscription open a dispute ;
  • On the page that appears, it is necessary to mark whether the ordered goods have been received or not. This will allow you to clarify the reason and choose a solution from the proposed system;
  • For example, if the order is received on time but is defective, select the item yes . In this case, a list of reasons appears, among which the buyer should choose the most appropriate situation;
  • Having chosen the reason, you need to indicate your requirements and provide evidence of correctness;
  • When determining the amount of money, you can choose a partial or full refund for the product itself, as well as its delivery. If you choose a partial refund, you must fill in the required amount;
  • Please note that a full refund means a return. In this case, payment for delivery is borne by the buyer. Therefore, the best solution is often a partial refund requirement, in which there is no need to return the defective product. The amount of compensation in this caseae is determined by the buyer;
  • You need to leave a message for the seller in the specially designated field. Despite the Russian language of the pages, it is recommended that correspondence be conducted in English, since a rare representative of China speaks fluently in Russian. Even automatic translations often do not help;
  • A video or photo is often used as evidence of poor product quality. There is a special Add Attachments button to download them. You can upload files up to 2MB in formats: bmp, jpeg, png, gif;
  • If the file size exceeds 2MB, it is first uploaded to and the resulting links are inserted into the message intended for the seller.
  • After making sure that the fields are filled in correctly, click the submit button.

When a dispute arises over a delivery time violation, the procedure will be slightly different:

  • Since there is a dispute on aliexpress due to a violation of the delivery time, the request will not indicate the possibility of obtaining a partial refund. The collection of the full amount of the initial payment is automatically set;
  • Further filling in the fields follows the scheme described above;
  • Explaining that the delivery time has been violated, describing the situation and providing evidence of his innocence, the customer presses the send button, thereby opening a dispute.

After the start of the dispute, a page appears on which the initial status is indicated - pending the approval of the dispute by the seller. The opposing side is given a certain period of time to answer. The counter is also present on the page. If the seller does not respond at the end of the allotted time, the dispute in favor of the buyer is automatically resolved.

If you need to change the conditions of the dispute, for example, to correct an error made when filling out the fields, you can use the edit button. To cancel the dispute, use the cancel dispute button.

On the same tab, all correspondence with the seller about the nuances of the order, which was conducted before the start of the dispute, will be presented. Further correspondence is also recorded on the page after the dispute has been opened. Therefore, there is space for additional evidence.

You can view information on dispute handling in your account, section My Aliexpress / Transactions / Disputes & Refunds.

How to aggravate a dispute on aliexpress if the seller does not admit guilt

After opening a dispute, events may develop as follows:

What does a dispute on aliexpress give?
  • The seller does not object and is ready to compensate for the damage;
  • The seller will not respond to the message and the money will be automatically paid by the system;
  • The seller will offer their own terms.

In the third option, you need to resort to escalating the dispute on aliexpress:

  • Dispute status changes will occur on the My Aliexpress / Transactions / Disputes & Refunds page. You do not need to choose any of the proposed options, first it is advisable to see what conditions the seller sets;
  • A counter of time will appear on the page, during which the buyer must accept the terms of the opposite party or offer a solution acceptable to both parties;
  • If a compromise is not possible, the site administration will look for a further solution to the problem.

It is important to pay attention to the amount of the claim, since the seller has the right to change it to 0. If you leave the fact unchanged, the dispute will turn into a claim and it will be almost impossible to change the amount of financial compensation.

If the buyer agrees with the seller's terms, the dispute is canceled. However, it should be noted that if the conditions are met, the respondent can reopen the dispute if the time on the counter has not yet expired. Therefore, it is recommended, with a short remaining time, to first make a request to extend the protection period of the disputed order, and only after making sure that the seller has extended the time, close the dispute.

When it was possible to come to a mutual agreement, click the accept button. You can change the conditions using the edit button. In this case, you will have to re-indicate the reason for the dispute, the amount of compensation and the desire to return the product. The order status changes to pending approval of the dispute by the seller and the time counter will start a new countdown.

Escalation means that the two parties have not found a solution and the dispute is submitted for consideration to the site administration.

By clicking aggravate the dispute, the buyer receives a notification asking him to confirm the presence of all the necessary evidence. Subsequently, new evidence can be added only at the request of the administration of the resource.

What does a dispute on aliexpress give?

After checking if all the evidence has been loaded, click again on aggravate the argument . If something needs to be added, use no thanks and return to the edit page.

Clicking on escalate the dispute the order status will appear as escalated. Now nothing depends on the buyer.

The only thing he can do is drop the dispute if the seller has decided to agree to the claims. Otherwise, by the decision of the administration, the order will be closed automatically.

Claims review lasts 15-60 days, the decision is final. After the buyer wins the dispute on aliexpress, the money is returned within 7-10 days.

How to open a dispute on AliExpress

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