What You Need to Know About Tooth Grinding

What does grinding teeth at night say? What is it caused by and what consequences can it lead to?

In a dream, a person does not have the ability to control his behavior, because in this state the body, his whole body is relaxed. In this regard, he can talk in a dream, make uncontrolled movements, and about 15% of the inhabitants of our planet are prone to bruxism. This phenomenon is understood as grinding teeth, which is usually observed at night.

The insidiousness of this ailment lies in the fact that a person may not know about its presence for a long time until someone close to him tells him about it or he himself does not notice its signs. Other names for the phenomenon are odonterism, the Caorlini phenomenon.

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Reasons for creaking teeth

The factors provoking the phenomenon can be divided into groups.

Here are some reasons why a person has teeth grinding at night:

What does grinding teeth at night say? What is it caused by and what consequences can it lead to?
  • Aggression, stress, anger. This is one of the most common causes of the phenomenon. During the day, a person experiences various emotions, including irritation and aggression. In a waking state, he can control his emotions, but this does not happen in a dream, and therefore the emotional and psychological state makes itself felt. Experiencing all these emotions during rest, a person begins to gnash his teeth;
  • Often, the causes of the phenomenon lie in dental problems. In this case, we can talk about problems with bite or incorrectly filled teeth, which happens much more often. In the latter case, the fillings protrude strongly, which can cause discomfort when the jaws are clenched;
  • Heredity can also cause the phenomenon. This means that if parents suffer from the same ailment, their children may also have it.

It is believed that grinding teeth at night is a sign of worms in humans. It is believed that this is a folk omen, however, it has a medical rationale. When parasites are actually present in the body, the patient's salivation increases, so he begins to imitate chewing movements, due to which teeth grinding is observed.

In medicine, this assumption has been refuted, in connection with which it is necessary to look for the causes of the phenomenon in other factors, and the fact that grinding teeth is a sign of worms is today classified as a myth.

Squeaky teeth symptoms

To find out the presence and causes of the disease, you need to know what signs it can manifest.

Symptoms of the phenomenon may be as follows:

  • The main ones are damaged, worn out teeth. As a rule, canines, incisors are damaged first;
  • Due to abrasion of the teeth, the gums can also suffer, which manifests itself in the form of inflammation;
  • Another sign of ailment is headaches, noise and pain in the ears. Painful sensations can appear in the neck. The occurrence of all these unpleasant sensations is connected with the fact that pressure increases on these organs.

Fatigue, which manifests itself in the morning, can also be a symptom of bruxism.

Pay attention to the condition of the enamel - the appearance of irregularities, chips, shortening of the crowns of the teeth - all these are the first signals of bruxism.

To diagnose the disease, an examination is carried out, and electromyography can be performed to clarify the diagnosis in adults. This procedure consists in recording the activity of the oral muscles using sensors.

To suspect you have an illness, you need to listen to your body, pay attention to the symptoms that it manifests in the form of signals.

The consequences of squeaking teeth

This phenomenon can hardly be called safe.

If it is not detected and treated in a timely manner, the following consequences are possible:

What does grinding teeth at night say? What is it caused by and what consequences can it lead to?
  • Thinning of tooth enamel. This leads to the fact that she becomes too sensitive, prone to the onset and development of caries. Due to the grinding of teeth, they can become mobile, and an ailment that has not been treated for many years sometimes leads to complete abrasion of the crown;
  • If a person has an artificial jaw, it can also become thinner over time, due to which their service life is reduced;
  • Disorder of the temporomandibular apparatus;
  • Spasms of the chewing muscles.

In addition, a negative consequence of this phenomenon can be a lack of sleep in the patient, since both an adult and a child can wake themselves up at night with the creak of their teeth.

Bruxism in children

They often have an ailment. Most often, the reasons lie in the fact that the baby learns the world, experiences a lot of emotions that do not allow her to sleep peacefully at night. Sometimes the reasons are related to the fact that the baby's teeth are teething, causing itching, which the baby wants to eliminate.

The phenomenon may be caused by weaning.

Now it is clear why children and adults are grinding their teeth, but how to get rid of this dangerous nuisance?

In children, by the age of 6, it usually disappears on its own, and if this does not happen, you should consult a doctor. In any case, try to wean your child from a bad habit by distracting him from it.

Treatment for squeaky teeth

It cannot be avoided in order to nullify the possibility of developing negative consequences. Kato get rid of squeaky teeth at night? All methods of dealing with the disease can be divided into 2 groups.

Group 1

It is associated with relaxing the jaws.

How to do this?

What does grinding teeth at night say? What is it caused by and what consequences can it lead to?
  • Try to make them tired during the day, and solid food will help with this - crackers, dryers, hard vegetables and fruits;
  • Make sure that your jaws do not close during the day, except when you eat. If you constantly forget about it, post reminder stickers around the room where you are;
  • One of the most effective means is a mouth guard, and today they are sold in an assortment. You can choose the one that suits you best;
  • Wet a towel with warm water, apply it to the temporomandibular area. This will relax the area.

Group 2

In turn, it is associated with the fight against stress, overstrain.

What steps need to be taken?

  • Try not to drink tea, coffee, any energy drinks that excite the psyche and interfere with normal sound sleep;
  • Along with mouthguards and other methods to get rid of squeaky teeth at night, use soothing chamomile baths and drink green tea with the same plant;
  • Try to distribute howling work in such a way that its execution does not lead to anger, overexertion. Use your strength wisely so as not to feel depletion of the body;
  • Try to avoid interacting with stimuli that cause you aggression, anger, resentment.

As you can see, the reasons why adults grind their teeth are quite simple and understandable. However, getting rid of the phenomenon will require willpower, self-control and time.

If you cannot overcome the problem on your own, see your doctor.

Grinding Teeth (Bruxism) - A Major Cause of Gum Recession

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