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What is special about Californian highlights?

Women often use stylists and hairdressers to freshen up their hair color or completely change their image. Until recently, the highlighting service was especially popular - it seems that you become a blonde and the shade of your hair is natural.

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Californian hair coloring

What is special about Californian highlights?

More recently, traditional highlighting has been replaced by a new technique - Californian stretching staining. Why does this newfangled technique have such a sonorous and, to some extent, exotic name?

Everything is simple with this: the top stylists, famous all over the world, named their design after this glorious sunny state because the result of the California dyeing literally imitates the effect of naturally burnt strands.

However, unlike the sultry Californian sun, not every master can create such a beautiful gradient on the base hair color. This procedure is rather painstaking, and requires special care from a specialist. In addition, he must have the skills and experience of a colorist to achieve the optimal shade of the hair and not ruin the entire dye.

California highlighting is a kind of gradient hair coloring. Despite the apparent complexity, this procedure is quite gentle, and helps to achieve attractive natural overflow along the entire length of the hair. The technique is distinguished by the ability to create natural color transitions and stretch marks. At the same time, the hair roots after highlighting can remain much darker, turning into light ones closer to the ends.

This effect allows you to grow your hair without dyeing it and not worrying about the neatness of your own appearance. If you really like the result of California highlights, you can resort to freshening it up much less often than with a typical stain.

Californian hair coloring technique is now popular all over the world. Both in megalopolises and in small towns there are many skilled craftsmen who are able to qualitatively perform this type of highlighting.

What is special about Californian highlights?

The very technique of its implementation is a bit like the shatush technique, however, unlike it, Californian highlighting is used on both light and dark hair.

As a result, the client of the salon gets beautiful play on her curls, with multifaceted shades and smooth soft transitions.

For this type of painting, it is characteristic that conThe hair chicks became several shades lighter than their roots. At the same time, coloring does not tolerate rough and abrupt transitions, which implies the classic ombre.

California comes in many flavors. This includes bronding, 3D coloring, and Venetian highlighting. For example, the latter type involves the creation of wheat or ash strands on a more contrasting, darker base.

Not every layman understands this variability of names, therefore, when visiting a salon, you just need to indicate what exactly you expect from painting. A good master will assess the current condition of the hair, ask you what you dyed before, diagnose the structure of the cortex and give his final verdict regarding the predicted result.

The key advantage of this painting technique is that its effect is multifaceted and natural. In addition, thanks to the Californian highlighting, the hair visually becomes unprecedentedly voluminous and lush. They look luxurious, without any exaggeration. At the same time, unattractive stripes and stains of a foreign tone are not observed on the hair.

Californian hair coloring benefits

We decided to acquaint you with the obvious, in our opinion, advantages of the dyeing technique called California highlighting.

Among them:

What is special about Californian highlights?

Convenience. It is this coloring technology that is most convenient for you if you are lazy or do not have the opportunity to constantly update the color. Sometimes the need to tint the roots once a month is terribly tiring even for the most sophisticated salon lover. With California, everything is much easier: you can maintain the resulting shade whenever you want, even if it happens every six months;

Delicacy. Have you ever wondered how much your hair roots suffer with standard lightening? Is it worth mentioning the tips that die almost instantly from the negative and abrupt influence of ammonia? Californian highlighting does not affect the hair roots. In this case, the ends are processed using a special, soft and gentle technology;

Possibility of painless regrowth. This method is ideal for those who want to return to their natural color. The effect of burnt-out strands does not require constant tinting, and it looks quite natural, in contrast to the sharp root transition with a standard, flat coloring;

What is special about Californian highlights?

Visual nobility. You can't even imagine how much you can ennoble the overall appearance with this coloring method! First, you will immediately look younger by several years. Secondly, your hair will acquire a completely unprecedented volume, whichwhich you may have never marked on it before. After the procedure you will look rested, fresh and youthful, and the beautiful gradient transitions on your hair will impress even the most meticulous and fastidious girlfriends;

Versatility. As we have already emphasized, the California dyeing technique can be used to process both light and dark hair. And the result will be equally beautiful. Of course, if the procedure is performed by a qualified master, and not a self-taught person.

Californian staining technique

Let's make a reservation right away - in order to get a decent result, it is important to contact a good and experienced master. Try to find one in your city based on the reviews of friends and acquaintances. Check out the forums and blogs where people are sharing real-life photos of the results of color stylists.

The fact is that these services are not cheap, and they are offered by every master, even a beginner. To avoid an unpredictable result, do not take risks and go to the first salon you see.

How is correct painting done:

  • To get the desired result, the master uses about 5-6 shades of paint and several correctors (mixtons);
  • The hairdresser must be skilled in mixing pigments and correcting colors with additional tools. If he has no experience, alas, nothing good can be expected in the end;
  • Usually stylists use special thickeners for this technique so that they are dense and do not spread through the hair;
  • The entire heap is divided into horizontal partings. In this case, strands of 1.5-2 cm wide are formed;
  • The paint is applied vertically, without the use of foil. This is the only way she can create a gradient transition effect;
  • As pigment can be applied multiple times, the use of ammonia dyes is not recommended.

If you want to get a beautiful shade of hair and painlessly change your image, contact only proven, good masters who do their job with dignity. Be perfect and let your hairstyle attract rave glances!

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