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When hunger is the only way out: how to support the body with such a diet?

A hunger strike for early weight loss is an extremely dangerous measure, which, alas, is often resorted to by desperate girls and women who want to lose weight urgently and as soon as possible. What is the harm of this method? In almost everything. If fasting is not curative or preoperative, clearly planned and agreed with the doctor, it is utopian and destructive a priori.

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The Dangers of Malnutrition

When hunger is the only way out: how to support the body with such a diet?

The first danger that lies in wait for the adherent of such radical methods of weight loss is anorexia. Alas, this terrible and almost incurable mental illness has crippled thousands of lives in the last year alone. The very decision to go on hunger strike often becomes disastrous.

Think - why is it worth so torturing your body? The most you get is global dehydration and exhaustion. And if you get out of hunger in the wrong way, there is a risk of earning serious problems with the organs of the digestive tract. The dry type of hunger strike is especially dangerous for weight loss.

It still remains a mystery that for the miracle nutritionist developed this system, and what it is based on, but some women still resort to it to this day, having an idea of all its dangers and pitfalls. Since you are reading this article, you have probably already decided on such serious measures as a hunger strike for fast and active weight loss. Therefore, we will not dissuade you, but at least we will try to save you from the serious complications of your choice.

Fasting Right

It's no secret that the transition to proper nutrition is the only way to lose weight in a fixed and healthy way. But not all of us accept this method due to the long-term achievement of its results.

To find a truly ideal figure, you will have to spend at least six months, and even then, if the initial weight was not far from the norm. It will not work to impose your opinion, even if it is correct. Since women do not even listen to nutritionists and doctors, they are unlikely to listen to other information sources. Therefore, today we suggest that you designate such a term as proper hunger strike .

Of course, even if you starve according to all more or less healthy rules, this does not guarantee you the preservation of the body in a normal and full state. But, at least, this way you get fewer side effects and minimizeYou will find common risks that hunger is famous for.

When hunger is the only way out: how to support the body with such a diet?

It is extremely important to enter the right hunger strike for weight loss correctly. And this stage is perhaps even more remarkable than the exit from the diet. The fact is that your body is facing not just stress, but a whole shock. And if you organize it as an abrupt change to good nutrition, all organs and systems will immediately begin to malfunction, and metabolism will slow down.

Exiting the diet is also important, but it is aimed at preserving its results rather than optimizing the body's internal resources.

If we talk about really safe options for such a strict restriction in food, they include a hunger strike for weight loss for 2 days. You will spend three days before immediate hunger in preparation for it, and three more days in the exit from it. The total diet will be 8 days.

It is quite useful to practice hunger as fasting days. However, it is recommended to at least drink green tea during them. Fasting according to Paul Bragg is considered a relatively healthy technique among nutritionists. It implies one fasting day every week, and 10 fasting days every six months or a year (depending on preparation).

Almost all women who practice such radical methods of weight loss are interested in the question - how much can you lose on hunger in a few days? If you fast on water, and do it for a week, the weight loss will be approximately 800 g for each day (assuming no physical activity). That is, in the end you will lose about 6 kg of weight. If you are strong enough in body and spirit to practice sports while fasting, feel free to add a couple of kilograms to this value.

When hunger is the only way out: how to support the body with such a diet?

Why exactly this amount of weight? At the very beginning of a hunger strike, you will lose all glycogen stores (this is the form in which carbohydrates reside in the liver and muscle tissue). It includes 500 g (or 2000 kcal) of carbohydrates. In this case, you will lose about 3.5 kg (500 g of glycogen itself and 3 liters of associated fluid).

And only after the complete splitting of this substance will the destruction of fats begin. As you know, lipid tissue is the lightest in weight - basically, when losing weight, banal water is lost and, unfortunately, healthy muscle tissue burns out.

We take into account the rules and recommendations

So, how to properly start a water hunger strike for weight loss?

When hunger is the only way out: how to support the body with such a diet?
  • The first rule is to go into fasting. It involves a three-day drinking diet on diluted juices (proportions - 3/4 juice and 1/4 purified drinking water). Before that, you should also refrain from harmful things and goodies for at least 2 days. Limit your diet with pureed soups, dairy and sour milk products with low fat content, cereals and stewed vegetables;
  • Wet fasting means drinking plenty of fluids. In this case, it is desirable to consume enoughwarm water;
  • When you start practicing hunger, it is best to abstain from worldly vanities and minimize stress. If necessary, stay in bed. It is optimal to take a vacation from work - keep in mind that your ability to work will significantly decrease! Either way, try to get more rest, and especially sleep;
  • Acidosis is absolutely normal with any hunger. This process is formed against the background of active burning of previously stored reserves and your own tissues by your body. It manifests itself already on the second day, and can be expressed in nausea, vomiting, weakness or dizziness. If you feel these symptoms, just take a walk in the fresh air or sit with an interesting book in the park - it should help;
  • Be sure to do enemas - you don't want your body to start using toxins as nutritional sources, do you?;
  • If you feel like a critical time has come, it is important to stop fasting. But you need to do this correctly, without violence against your body. Get out of the diet systematically - first go to juices, then to pureed soups and cereals, and then add vegetables, nuts and mushrooms to the diet;
  • Meat after a hunger strike for 7 days should be eaten no earlier than a week after the end of the hunger. And it is advisable to refrain from it for a longer period.

Critical point

The critical period in fasting doctors call the stage when the body refuses to work normally without food. The body of some people is so slagged that the moment comes a few days after the onset of hunger. A conditional block appears, which makes it impossible to adapt to the new rigid regime. This is due to dysfunction of the excretory system, which simply refuses to work.

How to recognize a critical deadline? During this period, you stop losing weight (even fluid). In addition, fatigue, apathy, and loss of strength are clearly felt. Dizziness and fainting are possible (especially in weakened people). Sleep disturbances are almost ubiquitous. Severe headaches may occur that cannot be relieved even by analgesics.

Sometimes there are malfunctions of the cardiovascular system. If you find at least one warning sign in yourself, stop eating restriction immediately! Return to the juice diet and then gradually add foods to your diet. In this case, going to the doctor will obviously not be superfluous.

If from the first time you did not manage to realize your plans, do not be discouraged. Better to properly prepare for the next time. It is very useful to observe daily fasts (about 1-2 times a week, complete or partial abstinence from solid food). Once your body adjusts to the restrictions, it will probably be easier for you to complete your weekly detox.

And the main thing is to remember that after prolonged fasting and subsequent withdrawal from it, it is important to switch toproper nutrition. Limit sweet and starchy foods, give up fried foods completely, try to replace animal fats with full fatty acids.

It is highly desirable to keep evening meals to a minimum. Eat light and low-fat protein foods for dinner. Be slim and take care of your health!

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